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Covid-19 Disrupts Indians’ Study Abroad Dreams into Turmoil

Mayank Kapoor

The Covid-19 pandemic is dramatically restricting the opportunity of Indian students who want to study abroad, governments around the world have focused more on safety and public health with lockdown and travel restrictions. Covid-19 has undoubtedly acted as a significant disruption for the student who graduates this year and would like to study abroad and starting new academic programs. The pandemic has posed a big obstacle for new Indian students just entering, just as opportunities exist for recent graduates and returning students alike.

The key issue is the inability of Indian students, whether due to travel restrictions or problems obtaining a visa, to travel to Australia or other countries. This has encouraged many new students to explore the possibilities of beginning an online program without obtaining many cultural and employment benefits. The Australian government also needs tech-savvy workers, considering the economic difficulties created by the pandemic, and amid the darkening global economic climate, they are still able to recruit foreign students.

The Australia Job market for technologically adept students remains high at a time when the Indian economy is struggling. Despite a complex political climate, the inherent power remains. In Australia, a skills gap exists that often goes unrecognized. Now, let’s move on to those that fit under the ‘students return’ name. Under current law, returning students have the continuing right to work towards legal employment status, irrespective of whether they return to India to resume their coursework or stay in Australia. This can be done under either Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT), which is helpful for internships. Since students with technical skills and STEM degrees are in higher education.

Let’s begin by concentration on the opportunity that, despite COVID-19, remain for Indian Students. The Job Market in Australia is high for recent and soon-to-be graduates with a degree in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Fields. As the calendar turns to 2021, the effect of COVID-19 will continue to be felt. 

But there is hope that global travel restrictions will gradually ease, both for the job opportunities of students and the sustained growth of the Australian economy. The Contribution in recent decades of foreign and Indian graduates’ students to US innovations has been substantial.  With this important pillar firmly in place, resources for intelligent and hard-working Indian students will remain in Australia and other countries.

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