Home Health Corona virus in Germany: “Omikron will not end the pandemic” – knowledge

Corona virus in Germany: “Omikron will not end the pandemic” – knowledge

Corona virus in Germany:
The German medical officers warn against using rapid tests as a means of free testing for infected people in isolation: “As long as it is unclear which rapid tests reliably recognize the omicron variant, it is problematic to use rapid tests as an alternative to PCR tests when free testing infected people “said the chairwoman of the Federal Association of Doctors in the Public Health Service, Ute Teichert, to the newspapers of the Funke media group. “If the PCR tests become scarce, as expected, we are heading for a difficult situation.” According to the new quarantine rules that the federal and state governments had agreed on, infected people and contact persons can usually be tested after seven days using a PCR test or a certified rapid test, thus shortening the period by three days. The Federal Council wants to discuss the new rules this Friday. In view of the sharp increase in the number of infections, Teichert also warned of a loss of control over the infection data: “If the number of infections continues to rise, it will be difficult for the health authorities to enter the data on a daily basis.” If the staff is not significantly increased in the short term, “we will not have a clear overview in the next few weeks,” she told the Funke newspapers. Despite the many helpers, the staff in the health authorities are already no longer sufficient. Many health authorities have therefore restricted contact tracing. You could only take care of larger outbreaks, such as in nursing homes. “It is now particularly the responsibility of the infected person to go into quarantine.” (AFP)

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