Home Politics Corona: Retailers must continue to pay for access controls themselves

Corona: Retailers must continue to pay for access controls themselves

Corona: Retailers must continue to pay for access controls themselves

Economy urgent application rejected

Retailer loses in court in dispute over Corona access controls

Status: 01/14/2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes Admission only with 2G: Most federal states require retailers to carry out full checks as to whether customers are vaccinated or recovered Source: AFP You will find content from Podigee here To interact with content from Podigee and other social networks or to display them , we need your approval. Enable social networks Until the end of the national epidemic situation, retailers must guarantee full checks on customers’ vaccination status – at their own expense. An urgent application from a person affected was rejected in Mannheim. According to a decision by the Administrative Court (VGH), retailers in the southwest must initially continue to pay the costs for corona access controls. With their decision published on Friday, the judges rejected the urgent application from a retailer who sees no legal basis for the obligation to check in the Infection Protection Act. According to the Mannheim court, the obligation exists until March 19, the end of the epidemic situation of national importance determined by the Bundestag. How it will continue after that is open. The trade association criticized the decision. It is incomprehensible that the controls provided for by the state government in the Corona Ordinance have to be financed by retailers and not by the state. The costs went into the millions, said the general manager of the trade association, Sabine Hagmann. Read also While the transport company received a pot of six million euros for passenger controls, each retail company had to prove the costs incurred for the controls. The compensation from the bridging aid 4 is anything but adequate. Many businesses capitulated because of the complicated application process. Hagmann complained: “There are different standards applied – we feel treated unfairly.”

Inspectors are insulted, threatened and spat on

In her urgent application, the retailer had described the check of vaccination status and identification documents imposed on her industry as disproportionate. In addition to the personnel costs, there is also the question of the safety of the inspectors. According to the applicant, they were attacked at the checkpoints. It operates several branches in the textile retail trade in Baden-Württemberg. Hagmann said the inspectors would be made scapegoats. Employees were insulted, threatened and spat on. “There are wild scenes, all the frustration is vented to the saleswomen and the employees in the catering trade.” If there are no controls, it can be expected that non-immunized customers will trigger more infections. This is also to be feared in the case of a random check, which the applicant considers to be sufficient. The VGH’s decision also has consequences for the state government. If she does not react, the shops will be able to remove the controls from March 20th. If the infection process does not change sustainably, the federal government could expand the Infection Protection Act to include regulations for controls. But the country is not doomed to inactivity either: like the Bundestag, the state parliament would have to determine an epidemic situation of major consequences in order to maintain the controls. According to the VGH spokesman, Brandenburg has already done so. The VGH has not commented on the possible solutions after March 19th. The VGH’s decision is final.

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