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Consulting With A Long Island Personal Injury Lawyer? Questions You Need To Ask

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After people have been seriously injured in an accident, they will be worried about many things. Along with having numerous medical appointments as their injuries heal, they will also be worried about losing income from being unable to work. 

To hold those responsible for the accident accountable for their negligence and ensure they get the financial compensation they deserve, they will likely consult with a personal injury lawyer in Long Island. When they do, it’s vital they always ask the following questions.

Have You Handled Cases Similar to Mine?

In most situations, it will always give accident victims a better chance of winning their case if the attorney they hire has handled cases similar to theirs in the past. By doing so, they will have a much better idea of what evidence needs to be gathered, whether the case can be successfully settled out-of-court, and how long the case will likely take to resolve.

How Much Will You Charge?

After people are injured and know they need an attorney, they often make the mistake of thinking they will need thousands of dollars upfront. However, when people ask how much a personal injury lawyer in Long Island will charge, they will find out little if any money will be needed upfront. Instead, most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency-fee basis, meaning victims have no out-of-pocket expenses initially. If the lawyer wins the case, they will take a percentage of the awarded amount, which usually ranges from 20-40 percent.

What is Your Opinion of the Case?

While an accident victim wants to win their case, it is important the personal injury lawyer in Long Island with whom they consult gives them an honest assessment of their case. After talking with the person, the attorney can give them an opinion as to whether they do indeed have a case if it is winnable, what the likely scenarios will be regarding damage amounts, and how long the case will take to resolve.

Will the Case Go to Trial?

While most accident victims assume their cases will automatically wind up in a courtroom, the fact is an experienced personal injury lawyer in Long Island will know most of these cases are settled out of court. This will be important since it can often mean victims can get their cases resolved much faster, while at the same time being awarded maximum compensation for their injuries. 

Thus, before hiring an attorney to handle their case, victims should always make sure their attorney is well-versed in negotiating with insurance companies so that cases are resolved quickly and the victim receives the compensation they deserve.

Do You Have Time for My Case?

If accident victims fail to ask this question, they may wind up hiring an attorney who puts little effort into ensuring they win their case. Since personal injury cases are won or lost based on evidence, witness statements, and paying attention to the smallest of details, hiring an attorney who gives their case little personal attention will be a huge mistake. In fact, some lawyers may choose to hand off certain cases to paralegals within their firm, which could result in a case that is not as well-prepared as needed to win.

Can I Speak to Previous Clients?

While any lawyer can claim to have been very successful in winning personal injury cases, ones who are hesitant about letting potential clients speak to previous clients they have represented should be looked at very warily. While many people find it awkward to ask a lawyer for references, they must remember that their financial future may be at stake as they prepare to file a lawsuit. Thus, rather than just rely on what a personal injury lawyer in Long Island posts on their website, accident victims should get two or three references they can contact and speak with prior to hiring the attorney to handle their case.

When another party’s carelessness or negligence results in a person being seriously injured, gaining compensation to pay for lost wages, medical bills, and a diminished quality of life becomes extremely important. However, cases such as these are only won when victims hire a personal injury lawyer in Long Island who has the time, experience, and commitment needed to see their case through from start to finish. By asking these questions to a personal injury lawyer in Long Island during an initial consultation, accident victims can gain peace of mind and know they have an attorney who will fight hard for maximum compensation.