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CONSULT impresses US IT Staffing Industry with A/R Automation


A/R has been a major problem for the IT staffing industry in the US. The introduction of CONSULT, an exclusive application for invoicing and A/R was much welcomed by the staffing industry QuickBooks online users. It was designed to give a fillip to where QuickBooks features are not sufficient to streamline processes in tune with IT staffing industry requirements in the US.

The developers of CONSULT have stated that it “cuts down operating costs by 30% and even higher where the complexities multiply.” Users are enthusiastic about the immense benefits that it offers and in the recent past more and more IT staffing accountants are examining the possibility of using it for the generation of precise invoices that incentivizes customers to pay faster.

A reputed IT staffing business owner with footfalls across 12 states said, “at last our wish for a real automation tool that can enhance and merge with QuickBooks has been answered. We are happy to say that productivity has gone up, even as invoicing complexities have grown by leaps and bounds.”

Another user said that: “CONSULT has helped us realize payment faster and has eliminated the use of paper invoices completely. Our A/R has made a 100% switch to paperless billing making us one of the few staffing businesses to adopt automated invoicing on a major scale with just minimal training.”

According to CONSULT, “the use of our application is growing exponentially, and we are adding a big number of users every month. We plan to reach out to a vast number of IT staffing companies that are struggling with their A/R initiatives.” A spokesperson for the company said, “the software has the potential to cut down A/R costs by as much as 30-40% on high-value invoices that have a complex customer defined compliance procedure.”

Elaborating on the features, the spokesperson added, “We are encouraging our new customers to use our 200+ invoicing templates collection to help build a formidable brand image across their customer base.” During our interaction with the software development group of CONSULT we have emphasized that users must be encouraged to fully utilize the rich features to bring down invoicing costs that have grown exponentially due to the additional cost premium attached to professional billing.”

To encourage more users to benefit from the application, CONSULT is offering consumers a major limited-time New Year discount a 30% discount for customers who order the application.