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Conflicts: UN: More than two million refugees from Ukraine – abroad

Conflicts: UN: More than two million refugees from Ukraine - abroad

The World Health Organization The World Health Organization (WHO) tries to supply clinics with material. There is a particularly great need in the east of the country, where fighting is making supplies extremely difficult. 1.2 million people have arrived in Poland Most of the refugees have gone to Poland, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Slovakia, said a UN spokeswoman -Refugee Agency (UNHCR). 1.2 million people have arrived in Poland so far. On Monday alone, around 141,500 people crossed the border, the border guard said on Twitter. The number of war refugees is also increasing in the Czech Republic. So far, more than 100,000 Ukrainians have arrived, according to Prime Minister Petr Fiala.More than 64,000 refugees in GermanyThe number of refugees who have arrived in Germany has continued to rise. According to a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Berlin, the federal police identified 64,604 war refugees. That’s about 14,000 more refugees than the day before. The federal police are currently carrying out increased checks. Since there are no stationary controls at the EU internal borders, “the number of war refugees who have entered Germany can actually be significantly higher,” the spokesman admitted. Israel: Visa for 5,000 war refugees Israel wants temporarily because of the war
25,000 people from Ukraine. The country will initially grant protection to 20,000 Ukrainian citizens who were in Israel before the war broke out, said Interior Minister Ajelet Shaked. In addition, according to their information, 5,000 war refugees should also get a visa. People are allowed to remain in Israel as long as fighting continues in their homeland. Ukrainians can apply for membership on the Israel Foreign Ministry’s website. According to Schaked, Israelis are also allowed to propose Ukrainian families, who should be given priority in the admissions process. Israel’s interior minister also expects that in the coming weeks and months, 100,000 Ukrainians will immigrate to the country because of Jewish relatives and will take on Israeli citizenship. According to Schaked, Israel is becoming one of the most important host countries for Ukrainian refugees. According to the responsible Jewish Agency, more than 40,000 Jews lived in Ukraine at the beginning of the war. The number of those who could immigrate to Israel because of Jewish relatives is around 200,000. Criticism of the British government Meanwhile, the British government is coming under increasing criticism for its reluctance to take in refugees. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace admitted in a BBC interview: “We can and will do more” – but he still defended the previous approach as “generous”. So far, the country has taken in just 300 refugees under an expanded visa program for family members of Ukrainians living in the UK, Home Office figures showed on Monday. According to a BBC report, around 600 refugees are said to be stuck in Calais on the French coast of the English Channel. According to the French authorities, almost 300 applicants were rejected because of missing papers – often with the request to submit the corresponding application in Paris or Brussels instead. program of the world since President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine”. The EU states accept asylum seekers from Ukraine without visas. Prime Minister Boris Johnson stressed on Monday that it was sensible “to have an overview of who comes in and who doesn’t”. According to the Telegraph, concerns have already been expressed in the government that refugees from the EU state of Ireland could reach Great Britain uncontrolled let into the country. This figure was announced by the government in Tokyo. According to the Japanese media, Justice Minister Yoshihisa Furukawa will work on taking in evacuees from Ukraine “proactively and quickly”. Japan, which prides itself on its social homogeneity, generally hardly accepts any refugees. On average, only around one percent of applications are approved each year. In 2020, for example, there were only 47 out of a total of 3936 applications.© dpa-infocom, dpa:220308-99-431510/10 Content provided by

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