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Cathy Hummels makes surprising announcement

Cathy Hummels makes surprising announcement

Cathy Hummels showed up here in the Ukrainian national colors.Photo: Instagram/ Cathy Hummels08.03.2022, 11:1908.03.2022, 11:50The Russian attack on Ukraine continues to shock the whole world. Hundreds of civilians were killed. the EU expects up to five million people to flee the war zone. The EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Monday that the number can already be estimated at around 1.6 million. Borrell explained: “We haven’t seen such a large movement of refugees since the end of the Second World War.” According to estimates, its within Ukraine more than 18 million People affected by the war. Numerous people show solidarity online stars with the war victims and offer their help. Motsi Mabuse, Oliver Pocher or Gustav Schäfer helped to send relief supplies to those affected. Amira Pocher offers their own apartment available as a place to sleep. And Cathy Hummels has now announced that she wants to take someone with her. However, her statement for Ukraine caused criticism beforehand, so she spoke up again.

Cathy Hummels wants to take in orphans

To show that she is thinking of the people of Ukraine, Cathy shared a picture of herself in the colors of the country. She beamed into the camera in front of a yellow wall. She wore a matching blue top. The presenter placed a blue luxury handbag next to her. She added a yellow and blue heart. Negative comments quickly piled up under the post. One user wrote: “Apparently didn’t understand what’s happening in Ukraine right now.” Another said: “Once again completely wrong!” In addition, users wondered: “What does the Birkin bag have to do with Ukraine?” Of course, all the excitement about the picture did not go unnoticed by Cathy. She spoke up with a clear message and made it clear: “Sometimes I’m very appalled by the waves of hate that hit you when you show a smiling picture. I believe that normality is extremely important for the soul. Especially for them children. This is not superficial, naive or unempathetic. Everyone has to find their own way, their own strategy, to deal with war, suffering, destruction and fear.” And further: “The past has taught me that with a smile and the belief that everything will be fine in the end, the soul becomes and remains healthy. I don’t smile nicely, I don’t smile away. I smile because it makes me more positive energy for my family and above all ‘to do good’.” In order to set a good example, Cathy, like many of her colleagues, thought about what she could do specifically to help the people from Ukraine.Cathy Hummels explained here that she would like to take in orphans from Ukraine. Photo: Instagram / Cathy Hummels In her story, the mother of a son now explained: “Because there are many questions: Yes, I will open my door. I am leading by example and can’t expect anything from others that I don’t do myself. I can’t point a finger at others and say: take in refugees. They need help. I’m pointing three fingers back at myself. So here’s my answer: I want to give orphans a home in my house. I stand up for those who can do nothing for this war and not even parents have to protect them.”By the way, in order to preempt renewed criticism, the 34-year-old emphasized that she would never take in an orphan without a carer. “As a child in a strange country and with a stranger language it’s important to have a caregiver who speaks your mother tongue”according to the presenter.(iger)Windsor Castle, which is about 35 kilometers outside of the British capital, away from busy London, was used by the Queen for a long time mainly as a weekend residence. However, the thousand-year-old fortress in the county of Berkshire, which William the Conqueror began to build in the 11th century, is to be the permanent residence of the Queen in the future.

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