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“Catch!”: This celebrity team is the new German catch champion


This team has captured the title! Tonight the show moved Catch! the audience in front of the TV screens and left four sporting teams around the celebrities Cathy Hummels (33), Pietro Lombardi (29), Christian Duren and Vincent Weiss (28) compete against each other. They played catch in different courses and collected points. Finally, the final was coming up and Team Christian played against Team Pietro: But who couldn’t be caught? After the teams around Cathy and Wincent in the show had already been eliminated on Sat.1, the other two teams had to assert themselves: In the final, the team around Pietro actually won! The very last challenge “The Circle” was tough again: in a circle, one team had to chase the other. Ultimately, however, the team of the “Phänomenal” singer turned out to be the more sporty and was able to win the title as the new German catch champion. Pietro then almost burst with pride and triumphed with the trophy. “If I make an announcement, this is exactly what happens!” he exclaimed happily. Next up is the European Championship of “Catch!” where other celebrities compete against each other for their countries. Advertisement Pietro Lombardi’s team at “Catch!” Advertisement Christian Düren’s team at “Catch!”
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