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Cancel “Let’s Dance” season? That’s what the viewers say!


This year’s season of let’s dance is not under a lucky star! The anniversary year of the popular dance show was actually supposed to be the highlight. But instead, the show with several illness-related absences and various partner exchanges overshadowed. A fair competition is therefore no longer really given. Does it still make sense to continue with the 15th “Let’s Dance” season? That’s what the fans say about the whole dilemma! On Instagram, many fans comment under a Promiflash post that they would welcome a little break. “It would be good to pause and only start again when everyone is healthy. It’s not fair for anyone like that”, “Take a break, two weeks for everyone and let’s continue” or “The fans think: everyone isolates and pauses , but don’t cancel”, writes three users, among others. Other fans are calling for stricter measures in all the chaos: “Stop immediately, that doesn’t make sense anymore”, “Cancel, that doesn’t make sense” or “Suspend and start again next year”, some voices are loud here. The Promiflash- Readers disagree. In a survey (as of March 8, 10 p.m.), 2,947 out of 4,336 viewers (68.0 percent) are in favor of the fact that “Let’s Dance” is no longer fair and should be canceled. 1,389 fans (32.0 percent) don’t see a problem in the failures and hope that things will continue. Jorge Gonzalez, Motsi Mabuse and Joachim Llambi in “Let’s Dance” ad “Let’s Dance” decision, show one ad Jorge Gonzalez, Motsi Mabuse and Joachim Llambi on the second “Let’s Dance” show in 2022
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