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Can I pass PMP without reading PMBOK ?

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With a new revolution coming in every industry with each passing day, it becomes very important to stay updated with the practices of the industry. Gone is the time when only one degree was sufficient for your career throughout life, now one needs to update himself with the demand of the industry. Certifications and training courses help a person in acquiring the skills that are desired by the industry at the given point of time. With project management becoming a new and upcoming profession, the industry demands professionals who are certified in this domain, and can handle big projects with utmost efficiency. 

PMP is the right choice

To show the world that you are not just another project manager, and to stand out from the crowd, one needs to have the right certification to back it up. One of the best certifications in the field of project management is the project management professional (PMP), as it trains you with the right set of skills and knowledge, so that you can work in the domain of project management. PMP is the optimum mixture of theoretical knowledge and the practical experience that a candidate gets while working hands-on a project, and this practical application of theoretical knowledge is what makes PMP the best course. 

So, how to clear the PMP exam; what all to study for a PMP exam; what is the right courseware that one needs to study so that one is able to crack the examination in one go.  The PMP certification requires a person who has had formal education in terms of a diploma or a bachelor’s degree, apart from this it is required that the person has put in a minimum number of hours in doing a project in a professional environment, and has led and directed projects for a given number of hours. 

PMBOK: The Right Study material of PMP

When a candidate clears the eligibility criteria for the examination, then the main concern of his is what study material should he opt for. A candidate could have been in the project management industry for 5 years, and still be applying for the PMP certification. Such a candidate may think that he knows everything when it comes to project management, and he could possibly even train others on project management, but that is not the case with PMP examination. PMP tests you on the theoretical concepts too, and not just on the practical application side, and often we forget the theory when we are doing the practical!

Hence, a uniform book for everyone’s reference is made, and it is Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). It is useful for anyone who wants to clear the PMP examination. PMBOK is like a holy grail when it comes to PMP certification examinations, it covers all the basics related to the concept of project management A candidate who wishes to clear the exam in the first go itself, must read the PMBOK cover to cover, as this book is the basis for the PMP examination. This guide is more than just theory, as it includes the practical application side of project management too.

Insight of PMBOK needed for PMP

PMBOK covers all the widely known practices related to project management, and also covers new emerging techniques, that may be applied by the professionals, if they deem it fit. PMBOK has been into existence for close to 35 years now, and it has been helping candidates since its inception in clearing the PMP examination. One may think that PMBOK might be irrelevant in today’s times, but that is not the case, as it keeps on getting updated with time, including the new practices that are happening all around the world.  PMBOK still acts as the standard by which PMP examination is conducted.

Advantages of reading PMBOK to achieve PMP Certification

There are many advantages of PMBOK, like: it standardizes practices among the various departments of the company, this means that logistics department of a company manages the project in the same way as those who work in distribution; standardizes the way projects are handled in every company, so that even if you switch from one company to another, the way projects happen remain the same; PMBOK imbibes what works and what does not work, so it provides candidates with a picture that what all will actually work in real life project management. If one learns PMBOK well enough, then one can modify the rules according to the situation.

PMBOK is deeply knowledgeable, as it contains five process groups, which are: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing. Apart from these, PMBOK has ten knowledge areas, and forty-seven different project management practices. 




All of this combines together to make a very vital tool for your PMP exam preparation. Thorough reading of PMBOK is a must for any candidate who is serious for clearing PMP certification. It is the first step towards starting your preparation, and later on you can add other reference material, practice questions and other tools for preparation.

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