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Buy graphics cards: Nvidia sees improvement in the second half of the year

Buy graphics cards: Nvidia sees improvement in the second half of the year

At the beginning of December 2021, Nvidia CFO Colette Kress spoke about the prospects for 2022: will the graphics card year 2022 be as joyless as the past year 2021, or is there hope? Now in January 2022 there are more statements from Kress which we summarize for you.

Nvidia sees better supply situation in the second half of the year

Kress’ testimony, taken at the Annual Needham Tech conference and transcribed by Seeking Alpha, is in a similar vein to six weeks ago. At the time, Kress didn’t want to go out on a limb because demand was difficult to predict. Nvidia is now bolder here: Demand should remain strong in 2022, even “stronger than the total supply”. The sales channels are “pretty empty”, but they continue to work on better availability. This sentence by Kress creates hope: “Looking at the second half of calendar year ’22, we feel better with regard to our supply situation”. In other words, they are not expecting any significant improvements in the first half of the year, but they are expecting them in the second half of the year. It’s no secret that industry observers expect Nvidia to launch Ampere’s gaming successor, the Ada Lovelace aka RTX 4000, in the second half of the year. Statements about a generally better availability of graphics cards in the second half of the year are therefore of particular importance. Although Kress does not go into a new GPU generation at this point, the statement still gives hope. And later in the interview, Kress does mention a new architecture. Nvidia recently confirmed that 25 percent of the installed Geforce graphics cards rely on RTX, i.e. Turing and Ampere. That still offers plenty of upgrade potential. According to Kress, “acceptance of a given generation of an architecture typically peaks at around 50% of the installed base”. Some of the current Geforce owners will “buy the current architecture, but some may wait for the new generation before upgrading,” says Kress. This is particularly common in the lower part of the portfolio. Kress continues: “When we switch to a new architecture, we usually sell the new architecture and the previous architecture at the same time”. When it comes to cryptomining, Kress sees success in the LHR versions, which “in almost all of our upcoming Ampere- products are integrated”. This could lead to the overall hash efficiency dropping by up to 50%. That puts off those “who want to buy a Geforce card to use crypto”. According to Kress, “it could be very difficult for them to make their work with crypto effective”. Do you think that the situation with graphics cards will ease in the second half of the year? And that there will be a return at halfway normal prices? Supports PCGH – it only takes a minute. Thank you! PCGH has been around for over 20 years: as a print magazine, as a website and as a YouTube channel. If you like our work, you can now support us as a PCGH supporter so that we can continue to offer our elaborately created content in the usual quality. There are basically many ways you can support us in the current situation. Whether you buy a magazine at the kiosk or in the web shop or remain loyal to us as a subscriber: Any support you give is great. Since 2021 we have also been offering the option of taking out an advertising-free or a plus subscription directly via our website. With the Plus subscription, you not only get PCGH.de without external advertising, i.e. free of advertising, but also all print articles that have ever appeared in the Plus layout. You pay for both subscriptions via Paypal, you can choose between monthly or annual payment. Support now Thank you in advance. Advertisement: Discover the best Geforce graphics cards for gamers at Alternate

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