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Black Desert Online can attract 230% more players

Black Desert Online can attract 230% more players

The MMORPG Black Desert Online has been around for a long time and has been successful for some time. But now an update has ensured that there are more than twice as many new PC players in the game. How did you do that?

Where are all the players from? Black Desert Online has long been one of the MMORPGs that are well attended. The Buy2Play game has been delighting fans all over the world for years with its pretty graphics, action battles and complete freedom. It is even one of the currently best MMORPGs 2022. Now the MMORPG has really grown again, as the developer Pearl Abyss announced in a press release. According to this, Black Desert has been able to gain 230% more new daily users on the PC in Europe and America since the last update. Worldwide and across all consoles, the number of players is said to have increased by 165%. Both numbers speak for a very good status of the MMORPG. But what did the update change to be able to record such successes?

What did the last updates bring? The big winter update in Black Desert Online brought more than just a few nice winter events. In fact, 17 of Black Desert Online’s 23 classes have received a major overhaul. Appropriately, the MMORPG opened the winter season server, where you could level faster and try out the new and old classes directly. The novelties of the 17 classes range from new hairstyles and outfits to new weapons and abilities. You can see a trailer for the class reboot here: Recommended editorial content Here you will find external content from YouTube that complements the article. Display YouTube content I consent to external content being displayed to me. Personal data can be transmitted to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy. In the same breath, Pearl Ayss has reset the skill points of all existing characters of these classes, giving everyone a chance to relive their old character from scratch. In addition to the extensive changes to most classes, three new events have also been added to the game with more recent updates, as well as numerous bug fixes.

Existing community has mixed feelings

How are the players reacting? The reboot of the classes naturally caused discussions within the community. Many players are happy about the reboot, but some fans are annoyed that their class of all things was not touched. Others see the changes to the classes themselves mixed up, seeing both positive and negative implications for Black Desert Online and overall game balance. Many classes are now much stronger than they were before, which some users find problematic.

What are the fans saying? In a reddit thread on the subject, there is a lot of discussion about whether and which changes to the classes were good and which were perhaps not quite as good (via reddit).

  • The changes are not extensive enough for the player SmolikOFF: “Sure, every class is now stronger than it was before. The problem is that Pearl Abyss promised us major changes and postponed other content in return. It should be more than just a balance patch. Unfortunately, what most classes got is – just a balance patch. That disappoints.”
  • xaky05 also disagrees: “I like the mechanical changes and the new classes and damage changes. Only duels between some classes now feel weird. Whoever shoots first wins.”
  • User Kolz isn’t thrilled either: “There was a lot more damage, yes, but not the quality-of-life improvements I was hoping for. There are some changes that I like that will make life easier for me in PvE and PvP. Still, I’m not exactly thrilled.”
  • What do you think of the class changes and the huge increase in new players coming to Black Desert? Have you played the MMORPG yourself and now want to go back to your old classes to see what has changed? Or are you still actively playing BDO and have your own opinion about the changes? Write them to us here on MeinMMO. If you want to come back now, we have prepared a guide for you: How to level up from 1 to 61 quickly in 2022.

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