Home Technology Big Whatsapp update: Messenger gets Facebook feature

Big Whatsapp update: Messenger gets Facebook feature

Big Whatsapp update: Messenger gets Facebook feature

Panagiotis Kolokythas

The launch of a new feature in Whatsapp that Facebook users have known for a long time is getting closer. That’s what it’s about.


Whatsapp users will be able to show a reaction to incoming messages in the future

© Alex Photo Stock / Shutterstock.com In a beta of Whatsapp there is now a new option that allows users to specify whether a notification is displayed for “reactions”. WABetaInfo saw this option in Whatsapp Beta 22.2.72. The find is particularly interesting because it also means that the introduction of the new reactions function in Whatsapp is getting closer. The option for reaction notifications is already included in the beta, but Whatsapp has not yet activated the reaction functionality itself. So it shouldn’t be long now.


The option to turn off the “reactions” notifications is already there in a Whatsapp beta

© WaBetaInfo There were first indications of the new reactions function (“Reactions”) in Whatsapp in September 2021. This should give Whatsapp users the opportunity to react to posts. Just like you are used to from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social services and chat programs. For example, users should be able to respond to a message, for example in a group chat, with a smiling or sad emoji instead of having to enter a chat message. All available emojis should be available for selection. The number of all reactions are then displayed under the message. Likewise, each user can see exactly how another user has reacted to a message – as is already the case with Facebook. The number of reactions shouldn’t be limited, but over 999, “999+” will be displayed. The whole thing should then look like this:

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