Home Business & Finance Big chains are interested: Nuro R3 – the self-driving pizza delivery boy

Big chains are interested: Nuro R3 – the self-driving pizza delivery boy

Big chains are interested: Nuro R3 - the self-driving pizza delivery boy

Friday January 14, 2022

Big chains are interested Nuro R3 – the self-driving pizza delivery boy

In the United States, robot cars could soon be delivering pizzas, mail or everyday necessities. The Californian startup Nuro has brought the self-driving delivery van R3 to series maturity. And the interest of the customers seems great.
Nuro is a Californian startup working with the Chinese automaker BYD. The Americans have now presented the series version of a self-propelled delivery vehicle, which is to be produced in Nevada in the near future. A supplier network for large-scale production is also being set up together with BYD. For the USA alone, Nuro plans to produce tens of thousands of his delivery vans. The loading space of the small delivery van is accessible via two large flaps. (Photo: Nuro) The windowless, electrically powered mini-mobile will be around 20 percent smaller than a normal car. The transport space, accessible via two large flaps, offers a storage volume of 765 liters. The two spatially separate boxes can be heated or cooled. Depending on the purpose of the delivery, there are various modules and options for dividing the cargo hold. Up to 24 filled shopping bags with a weight of up to 230 kilograms can be accommodated in the Nuro R3, as it is called in full.

Walmart, FedEx, Domino’s

Of course, the delivery van is battery-powered. The maximum speed is limited to almost 70 km/h. It was important for the inventors that the Nuro R3 can move through traffic independently and without a driver. To this end, the transporter has been equipped with a whole arsenal of cameras, as well as radar and lidar sensors with a self-cleaning function, which provide the on-board computer with a 360-degree image of its surroundings. For your own safety and that of other road users, the Nuro R3 is equipped with external airbags. (Photo: Nuro R3) Basically, the Nuro R3 is designed for a defensive driving style, but as a novelty for the third generation there is an external airbag in the front, which is intended to protect not only the R3 itself in the event of a collision, but also the other party involved in the accident. In fact, the company has already announced that interest in the Nuro R3 is surprisingly high. Above all, delivery services and markets want to use the vehicle in the future. Well-known companies such as Walmart, Fedex and the pizza delivery service Domino’s are said to be among the future customers.

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