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Biathlon stars are afraid of corona – “Now in quarantine, then the Olympics will be over”

Biathlon stars are afraid of corona -

After second and sixth place in the Ruhpolding sprint, Benedikt Doll (31) and Erik Lesser (33) were overjoyed. But the German biathlon stars are by no means relaxed. The fear of Corona is too present.The big concern: Just don’t get infected three weeks before the start of the Olympics (February 4th to 20th in Beijing).Lesser: “If you have to be in quarantine now, the Olympics are over.”
Most recently, Franziska Preuss (27) was infected among women, and Johannes Kühn (30) had a positive case on Wednesday. Doll: “You are very careful, it is stressful. You have to worry so much about who you can be in contact with and so on. ”His parents are in Ruhpolding, but due to the corona they cannot go to the Chiemgau Arena like the other fans. “I will avoid my parents too. We talked on the phone and met up for a 15-minute walk. I wanted to go out to eat with them, but I canceled because it was too risky,” says Doll. “I feel relatively safe at home. We’re all 2-G-plus at home and we don’t really have any family contacts,” reports Lesser. The only gateway is the kindergarten, and his family also tries to avoid shopping directly in the store and prefers to do it through orders. “I’ve been doing it the whole season and I already feel safe there.”

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