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Biathlon in Ruhpolding today in the live ticker: The women’s relay on Friday

Biathlon in Ruhpolding today in the live ticker: The women's relay on Friday

Biathlon: Franziska Hildebrand at the shooting range.© picture alliance/dpa | Sven HoppeThe World Cup 2021/22 in biathlon will continue on Friday. The first season is on the program in Ruhpolding. The German women want to improve significantly. chiemgau24.de is part of the live ticker today. Ruhpolding – Der Biathlon World Cup 2022 in Ruhpolding goes to the third day. They run on Friday women in the relay. It starts at 2:30 p.m. in the Chiemgau Arena, chiemgau24.de is in today Live ticker for the biathlon in Ruhpolding with you. Update live ticker here

Biathlon today in the live ticker: the intermediate result after shooting 5/8

1. France
2. Belarus + 1.3
3. Sweden + 7.4

Run: France, Sweden and Belarus are moving ahead. Standing is about to start, the German team will still be on the round. Run: Hildebrand is a good shooter and is playing that here now. She comes through clean and stays 15th. Run: Let’s look ahead. The four top nations get through without a single mistake, with France now setting the pace.Run: Then it’s on to the fifth shooting. Germany is 1:23 minutes behind the top. Run: It’s very tight and exciting up front, Italy, France, Sweden and Belarus are level. Run: The German team is currently in 15th place. There is still room for improvement here, but Hildebrand and Herrmann have to get through it well. Run: Now the next handover is imminent, then it’s halftime here. Franziska Hildebrand will be in the running for Germany. Run: Italy, France, Norway and Belarus are now leading the field. Hinz is over a minute behind. Run: Now some mistakes are shot. Hinz has to reload two cartridges. Now that takes time. Oh dear, now it’s time for the penalty loop. That throws Germany very far back. Run: The group around Hinz is getting closer and closer, tactics are used at the front. Immediately it goes almost closed to the shooting range. Run: Hinz is in sixth place, 20 seconds behind. Run: Norway pulls away clean. Hinz also hits all the targets, that looks very good now. Run: Hinz holds her position, now there is much more dynamic in the race. It’s about prone shooting. Run: The first change has taken place. Hinz leaves 18 seconds behind Norway and Italy. Run: Norway and Italy are a bit clear, Voigt will be a good 20 seconds behind. Run: This is currently the fourth place for the German squadron. Voigt is handed over to Vanessa Hinz in the leading group. Run: We’re standing. Voigt hits the target again, that’s a strong race from her. Italy leads ahead of Norway, France falls behind. Run: France and Norway are setting the pace, Voigt is keeping up well. Run: The field is still close together, not much has resulted from the first shooting. It goes on to the round, then it comes to standing shooting. Run: We have arrived at the first shooting. Voigt comes through without a mistake, that looks very good. Germany is at the forefront. Run: Each lap is two kilometers long. Voigt is fourth, Belarus leads the field. It’s about prone shooting. Run: Voigt does it well and goes straight in at the front. Everything went well at the start, the women are now on their way to the first of eight shooting stages. Run: The women’s relay in Ruhpolding is running. Concentration is now required, the risk of falling is very high, especially at the beginning.

Biathlon in Ruhpolding today in the live ticker: The starting position before the race

Before the race: The ladies are getting ready, things will start here in Ruhpolding in a few moments. Before the race: The conditions are excellent again here in Ruhpolding. The slope is in the best condition, the sun is shining and the wind is holding back again. Before the race: Norway also competes with a B team. There is definitely something in it for the German season today. Before the race: Johanna Skottheim, Stina Nilsson, Mona Brorsson and Anna Magnusson start for Sweden. Since the Öberg sisters are missing, the Swedes should not be overestimated. Before the race: The favorites come from Belarus and France. France runs with Anais Chevalier-Bouchet, Chloe Chevalier, Justine Braisaz-Bouchet and Julia Simon. Before the race: Vanessa Voigt, Vanessa Hinz, Franziska Hildebrand and Denise Herrmann will then start straight away. After the recent poor results, the German squadron is just an outsider in Ruhpolding today. Before the race: 4×6 kilometers are run today. 24 nations are at the start, including the German team. Before the race: Hello and welcome to the live ticker for the biathlon in Ruhpolding today. chiemgau24.de accompanies you through the women’s relay.

Biathlon in Ruhpolding today in the live ticker: the preliminary report on the race

Then the German ladies want good three weeks before the Olympic Games finally come out of the form crisis and in the third season of the biathlon season step forward do.

Biathlon today in the live ticker: Deep crash in the national ranking

Since the Injury to Franziska Preuss in Annecy/Le Grand-Bornand the German biathletes are far behind the world leaders. Read alsoIn the biathlon nations ranking of the current World Cup, the German women are only in sixth place, also in the individual competitions the DSV women are running behind the competition. In the previous relay races of the current season the DSV quartet ran in Östersund and Hochfilzen close to the podium over, the first relay podium for the German biathletes is to be realized in Ruhpolding Vanessa Voigt lead the German quartet and then on Vanessa Hinz hand over. Franziska Hildebrand is the third DSV athlete Denise Herrmann is the final runner.Read alsoThe favorites to win in the Chiemgau Arena are the Teams from Sweden and France. With one relay win each, both nations are leading the relay standings and are the top favorites on Friday. The women are also out of the running Belarus, Russia and Norway. Since relays in biathlon often have their own dynamics, the German team can be expected to achieve a good result despite their recent poor form. Click here for the start listRead alsoAt 2:30 p.m. the relay starts over 4×6 kilometers with two shooting bouts per athlete. chiemgau24.de is included in the live ticker for the biathlon. Source: chiemgau24.de*chiemgau24.de is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital-Redaktionsnetzwerkstruf

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