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Best Spice Blends Manufacturer and Supplier : Naturalich

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Natural Blends by Naturalich


Mixing and blending are terms that have specific meaning in the food industry.  Most food processing experts use the word mixing to describe the process of combining wet and dry materials.


Blending is the term used to describe the process of combining only dry ingredients.  The term blending is generally reserved for powders, flakes and granules of varying bulk densities and particle size that require gently blending and minimal contact with blender blades.


Mixing and blending is generally a sub-process within an overall process cycle so when placing a mixer it is important to consider how it integrates into the whole system. That includes impacts to both upstream and downstream product handling.


Spice Blends is mixture of various spices essential oils and oleoresins. They have taste, flavor, color and nutritional properties of ground/original spices. Spice blends has the advantages of consistency in quantity, flavours, aroma, quality standards, long shelf-life, easy-cooking, handling convenience etc.


We are capable to offer innovative Spice Blends suitable for Food Industries, Various Food Industries such as Pickles, Sauces, Seasonings, Hotel Industries, Beverage Industries etc. We offers a large number of product such as Biryani Masala oleoresin, Chicken Masala oleoresin, Garam Masala oleoresin, Meat Masala oleoresin and many more at very reasonable rate with full customer satisfaction.


Also provide online order placing option.




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