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Beautify the Look of Your Home with Our Antique Doors Collection


Mogul Interior is happy to announce affordable sale of antique Indian sculptures. Choose from vibrant antique Indian sculptures like Hindu God sculptures, spiritual sculptures and VastuYantra. Hindu God sculptures are cosmic symbols of the incomprehensible divinity. Some of the God sculptures own a human likeness or abstract in the form of lingam.

At Mogul Interior, we sell antique Indian sculptures made of stone, wood or brass. All these sculptures we sell are sacred and radiate energies of all thoughts and beings. Most of the people across the world make use of brass and stone made statues as beautiful home décor.

Not merely sculptures but we also sell unique handcrafted old antique doors. You may find ease in finding old world elements in these mesmerizing architectural artefacts. Depending upon your taste, you can customize the use of barn door to complete the look of your house.

We own a great collection of reclaimed antique doors that have been retrieved from ancient houses like Havelis and palaces which are renowned for their architectural fineness. Our rustic wood doors are durable enough to withstand in different seasons. Headboards of bedroom doors own traditional carvings and offer great possibilities for the hidden creative designer in you.

Antique Doors by Mogul Interior displays the unmatched artistry of Indian old world craftsmen and the added influence of British and Spanish cultures. Choose our amazingly carved antique barn doors, rustic wooden doors and archways to meet your need of installing antique wooden doors. Our selection of old antique doors include antique entrance doors, wooden doors frames, antique gates and carved ethnic furniture. When it comes to carved door panels, you can choose from jharokha or terrace doors to set your unique style. Add new dimension to your home interior by picking exceptional antiques and architectural items like corbels and columns into your house.

Choose antique wooden doors in various traditional designs and patterns to ensure easy depiction of Indian mythology. Beautify the interiors of Havelis or Indian mansions by using handcrafted doors panels. Install beautiful vintage artisan crafted furniture, tribal, authentic Indian antiques, architectural artifacts etc. to give connection to ancient tradition.

Shop our selection of Indian & South Asian Sculpture from the world’s premier auctions and galleries. We allow you to get the best deals on Indian antique sculptures at Mogul Interior.

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