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Attack on “Scream” star on set: Neve Campbell survived bear attack

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Friday January 14, 2022

Attack on ‘Scream’ star on set Neve Campbell survived bear attack

In the “Scream” series, Neve Campbell fights back against dangerous killers every year. In real life, however, it’s a bear that scares the actress terribly. The instruction to smear your hand with honey turns out to be a fatal mistake.
With the fifth part of “Scream” Neve Campbell has just returned to theaters. The latest title in the horror series isn’t really screaming, but an experience from the eventful past of the 48-year-old actress is all the more so: she was once attacked by a bear while filming. The Canadian is currently on the promotional tour for “Scream 5”. On the American talk show “The Kelly Clarkson Show” she told the hostess of the incident that happened 31 years ago. When she was 17 at the time, she played a role “in which my character is ‘one with the animals,'” Campbell recalls. “There was a scene where I was about to be chased by a bear.” The production team brought a bear to the set and gave her a large bottle of coke “to feed him”. Then Campbell was supposed to smear honey on her hand and run away. “And when you get to that tree over there, turn around, stretch out your hand and feed the bear,” she was told. So did the actress, but she says the bear was after more than the honey in her hand. “He grabbed my leg and dragged me through the woods,” Campbell said on the show. Her mother, who was present on the set, screamed in horror that the team had frozen. She was rescued and freed by a bear tamer who threw stones at the animal. On the show with Kelly Clarkson, Campbell didn’t reveal which film it was or if she even finished filming.

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