Home World At the request of the USA: Russia smashes hacker group REvil

At the request of the USA: Russia smashes hacker group REvil

At the request of the USA: Russia smashes hacker group REvil

REvil was arguably one of the most feared names on the web over the past year. The hacker group made a name for itself primarily through blackmail software. Now Russia wants to have broken up the group at the request of the United States. At the request of the United States, Russia has dissolved the well-known hacker group REvil. The illegal activities of the group’s members were “dismantled after a request from the responsible US authorities,” the Russian domestic intelligence service FSB said on Friday. REvil was behind a spectacular ransomware attack on US software company Kaseya last year. It is estimated that hundreds of companies worldwide were affected by the attack on Kaseya in early July 2021. The Miami-based company provides IT services to around 40,000 business customers around the world. As a result of the attack, the Swedish supermarket chain Coop had to temporarily close the majority of its branches due to failed checkout systems.

Numerous attacks in the past year

In the same year, numerous other extortions attributed to REvil occurred, including the attack on the Taiwanese computer manufacturer Asus, from which a $50 million ransom was demanded. At the end of last year, the mastermind behind the attack on Kaseya, the Ukrainian Yaroslav Wasinskyi, was arrested. The US Department of Justice charged him with fraud and money laundering. Ransomware is injected malware that uncrackably encrypts important data on affected computers. The operators are then blackmailed so that the systems can be activated again. As a result, the affected companies are usually paralyzed, which usually leads to significantly greater damage than the ransom demanded. In the past year, hospitals and other critical infrastructure have been the target of such attacks with increasing frequency. REvil is also said to have made the attack software available as a service for attacks by other criminals.

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