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Are You Looking For a Best Nursery in Abu Dhabi For Your Child?


Choosing a preschool or nursery for your child can be very difficult. How to choose your preschool and what to consider a lot of times is hard. Some of the characteristics that have to be considered are the preschool timings had to fit your work timings and the proximity to home or work. But the most important things are the feedback from school and the feeling that your child is safe while you are at work or at home.

Today we will speak about why you should choose Spring Fields Nursery and Preschools. Spring fields understands that all parents have different timings and this is why we open at 7 am, children have breakfast, snack and lunch time at school. Spring fields school class activities do finish off mid-day but school does not close, this way all parents that have working schedules in the afternoon can enjoy of our daycares opportunity in which kids are still in school with fun activities.

Springfield nursery – Nursery in Abu Dhabi follows the British early years Foundation stage curriculum where children are active learners and their learning primarily takes place through play.

It provides students with the opportunity to develop emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively. The progress of each child is monitored accordingly to the children’s individual needs and abilities, since we strongly believe that every child is unique.

In Spring fields we believe that there is nothing more rewarding that nurturing and shaping the little minds of our future. We provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment in which children grow and develop.

Our curriculum provides and encourages children to express and build meaning through amazing experiences with the help of our high qualified and experienced teachers, who take time to know you and your child. Other reasons why to choose Springfield nursery are it’s affordable fees and our all year around care.