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Apple discontinues iOS 14 security updates – Macworld

Apple discontinues iOS 14 security updates - Macworld

Halyna Kubiv

Since March of last year there have been indications that Apple wants to run iOS 14 in parallel with iOS 15. That was the case until the end of the year.


Apple could pave the way for security updates for older systems

© Mathias Rosenthal – shutterstock.com Already in a beta of iOS 14.5 last March, changes were discovered that could provide iOS devices with security updates if users had not yet switched to the latest version – in this case iOS 15 are. From the end of September, Apple made a few versions of iOS 14 available in addition to iOS 15, which closed the relevant security gaps. Last but not least, this explains a slightly lower adoption rate for iOS 15, after all, the devices could remain on the previous version without fearing security bugs.

Update to iOS 14.8.1 withdrawn

Now 9to5mac reports that Apple has changed the behavior of its update servers with iOS 15.2. The devices running iOS 15.2 and newer no longer search for alternative versions of iOS, or rather the update server no longer passes on this information: With an update notification, a user now only has the option of the latest version update from iOS 15. Whether it is a bug or a feature cannot be estimated yet. At the latest with the final version of iOS 15.3, which is expected to be released at the end of January, it will become clear whether Apple will bring back the security updates for iOS 14 or will discontinue the option for good. Meanwhile, the developer released a security update for iOS 12.5.5 in September 2021, which fixed bugs that allowed Pegasus attacks on iPhones and iPads.

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