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Amrita Scientific Herbals coming up with its exclusive formula to build your immunity


The global pandemic has made everyone realize how important it is to build our immune system strong. It is more important for people who have pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, respiratory disorders, and cardiovascular diseases. While it is crucial to maintain hygienic standards it is also necessary to boost our immunity naturally. Viromune offers a way to fulfill our immunity needs.

Dr Suresh Kumar Agarwalla, a general surgeon by profession and the founder of Amrita Scientific Herbals is engaged in clinical research for over 25 years based on medicinal plants. His brainchild Viromune is made of different ayurvedic herbs like turmeric, amrita, vasaka, basil, neem, kalmegh, yashad, and pipali.

Each of these medicinal plants is a great powerhouse of immunity. Besides, it also ensures other health benefits like reducing inflammation and eases premenstrual syndromes (turmeric), detoxification and improved digestion (amrita), treatment of bronchitis and tuberculosis (vasaka), cholesterol reduction and protection against infection and wounds (basil), curing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (neem), purifies the blood and improves liver functions (kalmegh), prevents zinc deficiency and common cold (yashad), aids weight loss and relieves menstrual problems (pipali).

Dr Agarwalla has been researching about ayurvedic herbs at his clinic Amrita Family Health Centre, Ranchi (Jharkhand). Viromune is trailed and tested and proven safe for all ages. In the past 6 months, it has been consumed by over 10,000 people. Their testimonials claim it to be safe and the product caused no side effects. Some of them mentioned Viromune is also effective in fighting against the symptoms of COVID-19 which makes it the perfect formula in this current health crisis.

About Amrita Scientific Herbals

It is an upcoming research organization specialized in medicinal plants, health care, and personal care preparations. Dr. Agarwalla’s fascination with plants and the immunity system resulted in the development of Cap. Immutone in 1990. It is the first safe and effective herbomineral product for therapeutic immunoregulation in India.


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