Home World Alec Baldwin hands over cell phone to investigation into camerawoman’s death

Alec Baldwin hands over cell phone to investigation into camerawoman’s death

Alec Baldwin hands over cell phone to investigation into camerawoman's death

Panorama death of camera woman

Alec Baldwin hands over his cell phone for investigation

Status: 08:33 | Read Time: 2 minutes Text messages, emails, social media accounts and photos on Alec Baldwin’s device were to be examined for the police investigation Source: AP You will find content from Podigee here To mix with content from Podigee and other social networks To interact or display them, we need your consent. Activate social networks A month ago, the authorities asked the US actor to make his mobile phone available. After much hesitation, Alec Baldwin handed it over to the investigative authorities. The police will evaluate the data. Hollywood star Alec Baldwin handed over his cell phone to investigators after camerawoman Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot during a western shoot. The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office said the iPhone was turned over to law enforcement in Suffolk County, New York, where Baldwin lives. The police there will now copy the data on the smartphone and forward it to investigators in the state of New Mexico. Almost a month ago, Baldwin was asked by the authorities to make his mobile phone available for the investigation into Hutchins’ death. The investigators are interested in text messages and emails from and to Baldwin about the film project “Rust”, in which the fatal accident occurred on October 21st. Baldwin was involved not only as a lead actor but also as one of the producers. According to investigators, he had discussed via email with the film’s armorer about the type of weapon to be used in filming the scene.

Allegations dismissed as “lies”.

Baldwin and prosecutors have reached an agreement whereby investigators will not have access to the actor’s communications with his wife and his attorneys. Last week, the movie star released a video in which he dismissed allegations that he was not cooperating with investigators as a “lie”. Read also Previously, in a television interview, he assured that before the scene was shot, he was told that the gun did not contain real ammunition and that he did not pull the gun’s trigger. So far, the police have not raised any criminal charges in the case, but have not ruled this out for any of those involved. The incident had sent shockwaves through Hollywood. Many called for the banning of real guns from film sets.

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