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Again night-time exit restrictions for unvaccinated people – incidence in Mannheim rises to 616.7 – Mannheim

Again night-time exit restrictions for unvaccinated people - incidence in Mannheim rises to 616.7 - Mannheim

Rhine-Neckar. With 237 new people who tested positive for the corona virus, the 7-day incidence in Mannheim rose to 616.7 on Friday (as of 4 p.m.). This emerges from the current figures from the State Health Office (LGA). On Thursday, the reading was 576.3. In a weekly comparison, the incidence increased significantly. On Friday seven days ago, the value was given as 313.8. Since the incidence value has exceeded 500 for two consecutive days, night-time exit restrictions for non-immunized people will apply again from Saturday, January 15th. This was announced by the city of Mannheim on Friday evening. According to the Corona Ordinance, this includes going to the doctor or other medical services, exercising your profession, visiting spouses or life partners, exercising alone outdoors and attending certain events, such as municipal council meetings and church services or similar events of religious and religious communities. Paragraph 17a, paragraph 2, of the Corona state ordinance provides an overview. The state of Baden-Württemberg has provided questions and answers on the Corona Ordinance here.

Incidence value in the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis decreases

A total of 33,790 people in Mannheim have now tested positive. The number of deaths related to the corona virus remained unchanged according to LGA figures with a total of 414 cases. The previous day the reading was 458.4. The health department reported 299 newly infected people, so there are now a total of 46,016 cases in the district. The number of deaths in the district rose by one case to a total of 547 deaths. According to the LGA, 152 further corona cases (a total of 11,114 cases) were found in Heidelberg on Friday. After the incidence in the city stood at 580.2 on Thursday, it was reported as 576.4 on Friday. According to LGA information, the number of people who died in connection with a Covid 19 infection has remained unchanged. This means that 82 deaths are still known in Heidelberg.
Figures from the city of Mannheim
According to the values ​​​​published daily by the city of Mannheim, the number of people who tested positive for the corona virus increased to a total of 33,615 on Friday with 276 new cases. No other deaths were reported either. According to the health department, this leaves 412 deaths in the city. 30,744 people are said to have recovered from the disease. This brings the number of currently known active cases to 2,459.AdUnit Mobile_Pos4 AdUnit Content_3

Corona incidence in the southwest again over 500
After more than a month, the seven-day incidence of new corona infections in Baden-Württemberg has risen above the 500 mark again. On Friday, the state health office in Stuttgart announced that in the past seven days, 519.4 people per 100,000 had been proven to be infected with the corona virus (as of 4 p.m.). The value was last over 500 on December 8th. The statewide hospitalization incidence remained at 3.1, according to the agency. It stands for the number of corona infected people per 100,000 inhabitants who are admitted to clinics within a week. The number of Covid 19 patients in intensive care units in the southwest fell by 6 to 372 within a day. A week ago that was 441 people. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the State Health Office has recorded 1,113,269 confirmed cases of infection. That was 9824 more than on Thursday. According to the announcement, 13,415 patients died of or in connection with Sars-CoV-2. That was 30 more than the day before. According to estimates, 967,853 infected people have recovered, plus 5,622. According to the Ministry of Health, the omicron variant has been responsible for the majority of new cases of infection in the southwest since the first week of January. In the week ending January 9, the proportion of samples examined using the variant-specific PCR test was 62 percent, according to data from the state health department. Since the variant is spreading quickly, the current proportion is likely to be significantly higher. 8,043,263 people in the Southwest, or 81.7 percent of those recommended vaccination, are reported to have been vaccinated at least once. A booster was given to 5,151,351, which corresponds to a share of 52.3 percent.
Info: Because newly infected people are recorded and included late, the values ​​of the LGA can always deviate from the municipal figures. Further information on the Corona Ordinance in Baden-Württemberg can be found here.

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