Home Entertainment A heavy blow of fate for the family

A heavy blow of fate for the family

A heavy blow of fate for the family

Norway’s Mette-Marit, 48, son Marius, 24, is coping with a heavy loss. Now his mother urgently needs to help him.

  • Mette-Marit of Norway brought her son Marius into the marriage when she married Prince Haakon.
  • The lifestyle of the 24-year-old always causes criticism.
  • Now he has to cope with a heavy loss.
  • Mette-Marit from Norway: Hard time for her son

    Mette-Marit of Norway was not a child of sadness before her marriage to Prince Haakon. your wild party past caused bad headlines at the beginning of her relationship with the heir to the throne, in the Norwegian version of “Bachelorette” she was seen as the mistress of the roses and then there is also the son Marius. It comes from the relationship between Mette-Marit and Morten Borg, but the two separated before the child was born. When Mette-Marit then married Prince Haakon in 2001, he would have can adopt Marius, but decided against it so as not to jeopardize Morten’s relationship with his son. Marius has been considered since then official member of the royal family and has often made headlines in the past with sensitive issues. Now, however, he has to deal with a serious setback.

    Mette-Marit from Norway: Marius in the headlines again

    In recent months, Marius has been one of the favorite topics of the Norwegian press. The most common reason: His relationship with the model Juliane Snekkestad. Not only does she speak very openly about her mental illness, she also shows herself again and again in a hot pose on her Instagram profile. A circumstance that should upset some of the people. In addition: Juliane’s bipolar disorder is always a great burden for the relationship between the two. And now it turns out that Marius will already have one in the new year cope with a terrible loss had to.

    Mette-Marit from Norway: So now she has to support her child

    As has now become known, entrepreneur Mahmoud Maktabi died on January 1st. He was the father of Céline, wife of father Morten Borg. Since Marius spent every other week with the couple for a while, Mahmoud Maktabi was considered to be important confidant. Especially in Mariu’s childhood and his teenage years, the two are said to have spent a lot of time together. Marius is said to have always affectionately called him “bonus grandpa”. In an interview with a Norwegian newspaper, Mahmoud Maktabi even said:

    I love Marius more than my own children.

    Although he also emphasized that he doesn’t differentiate between his grandchildren, this quote certainly speaks volumes. So it is quite conceivable that Marius was particularly hard hit by the loss of this important person has. He would wish that his parents, but also his stepfather, his half-siblings and girlfriend Juliane could support him during this difficult time.
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