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A Digital Transformation Guide for SMEs to Outmaneuver Uncertainty


A comprehensive Step-by-Step DX Guide for SMEs

NYC, 25h  Nov, 2020

Techment Technology, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, recently released a new white paper: A Digital Transformation Guide for SMEs to Outmaneuver Uncertainty.

Since the majority of literature on the subject focuses on larger corporations, there was a stark need for a DX guide for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Their guide intends to facilitate SMEs in this mammoth transformation, as they dive headlong into DX being rushed by the pandemic.

We have interviewed experts, CXOs, influencers, thought leaders, academicians from all around the world, and have devised its DX framework, Digital Maturity Model, and Strategic Quadrant to help SMEs strategize better. 

“The context of SMEs is entirely different from large enterprises. The resource scarcity makes strategic prioritization of goals and means core to the success.” said Manish Agrawal, CEO, Techment, “With this guide, we have strived to give a framework that can help SMEs throughout their journey, mitigate risks and follow expert advice; right from formulating clear goals till outcome measurement. We are hopeful that this paper will make a difference in many digital journeys.” Manish added.  

The free to download White Paper comes with the mega DX success story of Luminous Power technologies. Explore their transformation and get insights directly from their CXO. Their journey has valuable lessons for many SMEs!


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Follow the link: https://www.techment.com/resources/whitepaper/a-digital-transformation-guide-for-smes-to-outmaneuver-uncertainty/

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