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7 Top Level Paraphrasing Tools To Reshape Your Writings


Writing content on world-wide-web is not easy when it comes to quality content. Writers have always needed to put efforts that are extraordinarily revised and precise when writing for a web, digital product, or even student research papers. The writing job is quite possessive, time taking and full of endeavors.

Meanwhile, the writing tasks are getting more and more complicated with the passage of time, the technology has been advancing in a parallel pattern to provide ease and relief from the tasks that were never easy to do before. The same is true for online paraphrasing tools which this article is going to discuss further and provide you with the most useful tools available online that could help you write unique content in less time than is originally required. Students, writers, online bloggers make use of these tools to get their writing jobs done quickly and efficiently. We will review the following 7 tools below briefly and at the end, you can choose one, two, or more for your daily writing appetite.


Duplichecker is one of the oldest tools available on the web which is entirely free to use. You can visit the website and have a look at how it works. More or less all these listed tools behave in the same way with some critical differences that we are going to mention in this article. This website not only has a paraphrasing tool but also provides more relevant tools for writing. The spelling and grammar checker, tools are also there to revise your grammatical mistakes and work on suggestions that would make your content errorless. According to duplichecker the website offers a seamless experience for writers without registering in order to use the tool.


This website is relatively new on the web and offers free access to the tools in order to rewrite the content and paraphrase it effectively. The tool is equally useful for online writers, article writers, bloggers, and students who write researched content. The positive point about this tool is that it uses AI software to paraphrase the content in seconds. Another benefit of this tool is that it is completely free to use without any limitations of word count, and the number of times it can be used. There are two major levels of paraphrasing on this tool, standard and creative. The standard version is the basic paraphrasing level and the creative version puts more stress into changing the words with perfectly matched alternatives. Another positive element in this tool is that it provides different versions of paraphrasing with the same content as you try to use it over and over again. You can save several copies of paraphrased content and choose the best that you think is perfect for you.


Prepostseo is also here for many years, it is a big name in the paraphrasing dimension hence it is also an expensive tool to use, as you can focus on the name of the website, the tool primarily focuses on the SEO content that is generated for various websites in millions of pages every day. The tool is not free to use and also has an option to pay as your need increases. There is a limit to using this tool on a free version. The tool paraphrases the content perfectly with many variations but as you need more precise work you will have to pay for it. This website also offers some SEO tools including the plagiarism checker tool. The plagiarism checker tool scans any content and checks whether it is unique or already posted on the web. The SEO writers can make the most out of this website with some little cost at hand.


The tool Quillbot is another very good tool available online that can be used by various writers including SEO writers, copywriters, students, and researchers. It can be classed as one of the best paraphrasing online tools. However, rewriting and paraphrasing on this tool is not completely free. Some of the services are paid for instance, if you want to paraphrase a longer piece of content or you have to paraphrase a large number of articles per day.


Paraphraser is another tool that is absolutely free of cost. According to the website, the tool is developed using artificial intelligence, which means that when you paraphrase the content using this tool it preserves the original sense of the paragraph and suggests changes that are appropriate just like a human being is paraphrasing this content. You can also use this tool unlimited times with unlimited content without any restrictions or paid services. The website also claims that it changes the content at the human level which is the very good side of this tool. This tool also uses different levels of paraphrasing from standard, to unique and creative.


Paraphrase-online is also out there for a long time which is constantly serving free users. The tool is yet another free paraphrasing tool that is quite beneficial for many online writers who are short of money and cannot pay for these kinds of services. This tool is also equally beneficial for many writing categories e.g. content writers, SEO content developers, college paper writers, dissertation writers, and contemporary online bloggers. According to the website, the tool offers unique use of synonyms that cannot be matched with other websites’ services. From small sentences to large paragraphs or even large articles the tool paraphrases all your content with just one click and absolutely free of cost. One thing to keep in mind is that your rewriting or paraphrasing could result in machine-generated content which is not human-readable sometimes, so you will have to put some extra effort proofreading the generated content and make corrections until the content starts making sense of what is being said in the article.


Spinbot is another online bot that takes the unoriginal content from you and makes it original in a few seconds, but the downside of this tool is that it only allows you to spin, rewrite or paraphrase the content which is not more than 10,000 characters or 1000 words. This means the tool is not free to use for insanely larger content.  You can transform an existing blog post or article into a new one in just one click. But you can use this tool as many times as you like if you break the content in parts. This way you would be able to use this tool for free. This doubles the return on your time and effort spent creating high-quality website content. Spinbot is an extremely powerful tool that could ease your writing needs and it can be used for free with this simple trick.

These are all very good and beneficial tools that you can use one by one and try which works best for you. Share it with your friends if you find something unique among these tools.