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7 Secrets To Help You Choose The Perfect Jeans For Women

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In fashion, jeans are a must-have and are worth the investment because they can be used for many occasions and for a long time and this is the most effective way to save money. Get the perfect jeans from well-known jeans brands at discounted prices with tons of coupons at FindCouponHere.  

Classic, dusty and liberal – jeans are an item that never goes out of fashion no matter how many waves of fashion trends they have to compete with. Jeans are stylish, but finding a “standard” pair of jeans that show off your body and match your style is an issue for both men and women. A beautiful pair of jeans needs to have all the elements of durability, aesthetics, and especially the ability to bring comfort to the user. Here are 7 secrets to help find the perfect pair of jeans for women.

The form

With jeans for women, there are 4 popular styles of jeans: skinny, slim (the style of jeans has a moderate hug at the hips and thighs, slightly wide trouser legs), straight jeans (have an upright style, the trouser legs are wider than slim jeans) and finally boyfriend jeans (a loose, crotch style, a bit masculine). Depending on your body shape and fashion style, you can choose the perfect jeans for yourself.

For girls with modest height or thin bodies, a pair of slim jeans or straight jeans will help you cheat your height as well as cover up the disadvantage of your skinny legs. Boyfriend jeans will satisfy girls who like dusty styles and chubby girls. On the other hand, skinny jeans will help you have slim and long legs to highlight your advantages.

The Waistband

When choosing jeans for women, besides looking at the overall look of the jeans, you need to pay more attention to the waistband of them. A high or low waistband will greatly affect your appearance. High-waisted jeans have proven to be effective in enhancing the figure with the ability to hide the less-than-thin bust, enhance the third round, and make the legs look longer. Meanwhile, low-rise jeans will help create a more balanced feeling for women with an inverted triangle figure – a large upper body but small thighs and hips.

Choose The Perfect Jeans By Right Size

Jeans for women won’t be perfect if they don’t fit your body. Things will be simpler when you can go to the store and try them on. However, for busy people, how to choose the right size of jeans when buying online is a difficult problem. Check out the Maurice jeans size chart and Brandy Melville jeans size chart to have more references.

Choose The Perfect Jeans By Right Size

First, you need to know your exact measurements including waist, hips, leg length (depending on the length of the hem you want), and ankles (helps determine whether the jeans are not too wide or tight). The more specific your measurements are, the more details to compare with the store’s size chart. Also, don’t be afraid to share your measurement results with the salesperson so they can advise you.

Fabric Material

Fabric is something that gains little attention when choosing jeans for women. However, this is the factor that reflects its durability, elasticity, and comfort. You can get a “standard” pair of jeans when it has at least 90% cotton and a small amount of elastane (the material that makes jeans stretch well).

Jeans Washes Or Plain Jeans?

Another factor when choosing jeans for women. If you love color-washed with personalized torn jeans, you should accept that their color fastness will be less than regular plain jeans. Because washed, torn jeans used to be exposed to chemicals as well as undergo a more step-by-step manufacturing process. Therefore, they will easily fade over time during use. In return, this style of jeans gives you a dusty and chic look while the classic solid-color jeans are easy to combine with many outfits.

The Cuff Length

In addition to having to choose the perfect jeans that fit your waist, hips, and thighs, the length of the hem will determine how you look in those jeans. Wide-leg, heel-length jeans are suitable for tall girls and provide a classic, elegant look. In contrast, the lower hem of the jeans or just touching the ankle when worn with high heels will help the short girl “cheat” her height significantly.

Attention To Small Details

Last but not least, you should pay attention to small details like stitching, pockets, and washes color. When shopping for jeans for women, you need to look closely at the stitching around and make sure it is sewn firmly and there are no less subtle seams. Scratches on the jeans are also a point you should consider because it proves whether the jeans are of good quality or not.

Besides, there are front and back pockets of the jeans. The front pocket, if sewn close to the back of the jeans, and the zipper will help the jeans to be straighter and more flattering. Meanwhile, the back pocket of the jeans is often printed with the brand logo or pattern, just different from the decorative color. Take this into consideration, or else you don’t like to see details in your pockets after wearing a crop top or shirt.


Above are some sharings on how to choose the perfect jeans for women. If you want to browse for a perfect pair of jeans from the best jeans brands, we suggest Brandy Melville. In recent times, Brandy Melville’s recognition among teenagers has increased worldwide, making it currently one of the most well-known brands. For girls, Brandy Melville primarily offers one-size-fits-all clothing. On Brandy Melville’s clothes, you’ll find a lot of LA patterns. 

For compact people, the majority of Brandy Meville’s jeans are only offered in size S. Customers can choose the perfect jeans whether to buy or not after carefully examining the precise rise, inseam, and waist measurements. They have a detailed jeans size guide, so you should check it out and get yourself the best pair of jeans. 

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