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5 Interesting Facts About Canada Express Entry


Gone are the days when you need to wait for years to get your visa application approved. With the introduction of the Canada Express System in 2016, it has opened doors for a hassle-free immigration process.


Previously, applicants believed obtaining a visa has to do a lot with one’s patience level. Therefore, for busting the myth, Canada Express Entry System has come out with a quick turnover visa process.


In the present time, Canada Express Entry is the swiftest mode for obtaining a visa solely on the score they tend to achieve for their professional attributes.


Records have shown that Canada Express Entry system has received close to 191, 279 profiles in just one year. Besides being the popular mode of Canada immigration, Express Entry comes with an interesting tool for Canadian immigration.


Canada Express Entry Is a Key To Your Home In Canada


In case you are aiming for settling in Canada, then Express Entry is the one you should opt for. The Canada Express Entry System allows you to settle and work in Canada permanently. This means you can claim permanent residency and are entitled to enjoy certain benefits like-


    Work and settle anywhere in Canada

    Avail all the medical and health benefits

    Can avail educational benefits for your children.

    Employment opportunities

    Protection under the Canadian law and administration

    Applying for citizenship etc.


Canada Express Entry Is Not A Pass Fail System


One of the best things about the Express Entry System is that the system is not about passing or failing a certain criteria. The cut off score is decided by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada in a draw system. Applicants who qualify the cut off tend to get invitations from the provinces while the others remain in the express entry pool.


Canada Express Entry is Associated To No-Cap or No-Quota


All the eligible applicants under this program are not related to any type of quota or cap limit. Applicants can fill for a Canada Immigration under the Express Entry during any time of the year as per their choice.


Canada Express Entry Does Not Demand a Job Offer


In case you don’t have a job offer in hand, there is nothing to be worried about. You can easily migrate to Canada through any of the programs under the Express Entry system. However, one thing to keep in mind is that a job offer can certainly fetch you additional points.


Canada Express Entry Draws Are Conducted Every Two Weeks


For the applicants whose profiles are not selected during the recent draw, there is nothing to worry. Your profile lays in the express entry system and Citizenship and Immigration Canada conducts express entry draws every two week, with changes in the cut off score.