Home Health 2,209 Bremen schoolchildren are currently in quarantine

2,209 Bremen schoolchildren are currently in quarantine

2,209 Bremen schoolchildren are currently in quarantine

Status: January 14, 2022. Authors: Jörn Hüttmann At least 148 students had a positive test at school after the holidays. (Iconic image) Image: Imago | ZUMA Wire

  • 148 Bremen students tested positive for Corona after the holidays
  • This corresponds to four percent of the student body
  • At least 60 new cases in Bremerhaven schools
  • After the Christmas holidays, tests at Bremen schools discovered 148 corona cases in schoolchildren and confirmed them with a PCR test. According to the education department, a total of 2,209 students are either infected or in isolation or quarantine as contact persons. That is about four percent of the approximately 55,000 students in Bremen. So many were already in quarantine during the holidays. There have been seven confirmed new infections among teachers since January 10, and a total of 87 teachers are in quarantine. Three classes have switched to distance learning. This happens automatically as soon as there are at least four infections in a class. Since the numbers are based on the reports from the individual schools to the health department, there could be some inaccuracies, the authority said. At Bremerhaven schools, at least 60 students tested positive after the Christmas holidays. “However, some evaluations are still pending,” says magistrate spokesman Stefan Zimdars. Image: Radio Bremen | Milan Jaeger

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