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10 Ridiculously good Writing Tips for the Confused Student

Writing Tips
Writing Tips

Students who often remain confused and think that they cannot achieve something extraordinary in their life often spoil things due to haphazardness. In contrast, self-confidence allows students to handle their setbacks with great ease. Turing a confused child into a confident one is the prime duty of guardians. Confidence is an important factor that affects the academic performance of students, even it reflects in writing style. A confident student better selects a topic of interest, researches information relevant to it, and organizes it to maintain fluency. If you are among the sort of children that needs proper guidance to stop the reflection of your confusing nature in your writing style, this article is for you. This article will discuss the ten most important writing tips that you must follow to improve your writing style.

Writing tips for confused students:

1.1 Do not start writing unless or until you have developed a clear view about the topic of interest: 

Do not know what to write but have started writing? If yes, it is one of the most important reasons for vague writing style. You should not immediately start writing at the moment you get a topic for writing an essay; rather, you should wait for a few minutes. In these few minutes, note down the topic on the center of the blank page and start thinking about what you already know about it. Sure, you will gather a lot of relevant information from your knowledge bank. Add more information to the existing by searching in books, the internet, and asking questions to the people around you. This is the right practice to start a writing project that will be clear, concise, and informative at the same time.

Clear all ambiguities to bring clarity to your writing:

Thorough reading demands concentration from a reader. It allows you to think actively, which often arises some ambiguities. These ambiguities are very important for clearing your perception related to a situation. So students must not be confused by the increasing number of ambiguities; rather, they should actively participate in clearing them by discussing them with tutors, parents, siblings, or even friends.

Always create an outline for ensuring fluency content:

Confusions arise when you spend more time on drafting than planning. Planning has the power to on-time tackle almost all types of work. Planning in writing refers to an effective outline formulation. The outline is the blueprint and the plan for your writing task. It must contain all relevant information in the order in which you are planning to write. Thus, you must formally arrange all ideas in the form of an outline.

Use the organization to avoid structural confusion:

Learning ways to improve the structure of your writing by following an appropriate method of organization is among the most practical writing tips for confused students. The organization method may be the order of importance, chronological order, and spatial order. 

Follow a writing template:

Templates allow students to better structure a document. This writing tip is good as it clears the writer’s confusion related to structure, tone as well as organization in the shortest possible time. 

Be simple, concise, and direct in writing:

Hard vocabulary words and complex sentences increase the worth of your writing. It is nothing more than a misconception. As a believer in this concept, many students ruin the overall quality of their content. Thus, this writing tip is all about guiding students to remain simple, concise, and direct.

Use short sentences; they are more powerful than long sentences:

Good writing tips at this point focus on another important aspect of writing that only a very few students know. Short sentences are more powerful than long ones. Yes, this is true for various reasons. However, the most important one is short sentences that allow us to introduce only one idea at a time. Stating multiple ideas in a single sentence means the writer himself is not clear about what he wants to say. 

Read famous authors and try to copy their writing style:

Everybody has his own writing style. At the beginning of a writing carrier, it often seems difficult to develop a unique writing style. Moreover, reading a number of authors can help you learn new things about writing. It also allows you to combine the strengths of all and neglect their shortcomings to develop a completely unique writing style. 

Never afraid of a tough writing task; nothing is tough. You just need to make a little more effort on some tasks as compared to others: 

Students often get confused by assuming that the writing task assigned to them is tough enough that they cannot handle it. Remember, all tasks are tough unless or until you review, research, and talk about them. Thus, you must not get afraid of a task by reading it only once. Rather, you must divide the task into a few manageable steps and set small milestones. By achieving each milestone, you will get closer to your destination.     

Participate in writing contests and social media debates to increase your writing confidence: 

Participating to win is the last but not least important point of these ridiculously good writing tips. Participation in a writing contest and other competitions not only introduces you to the most talented writers of the nation, but you meet with your personal writing shortcoming as well. Without knowing your point of weakness, how can you work on them? Thus, students must participate in writing as well as essay composition contests. Every time when you participate, you will learn new writing tips.  

Final thoughts:

Improving your grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and ideas are all important writing tips for students. However, this article only focused on the writing tips to improve the writing abilities of confused students. All in all, the student often remains confused while attempting a writing task. Following these ten ridiculously good writing tips, you can definitely boost your confidence, which will reflect in your writing.

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