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1-0 – Hannover 96 exacerbates Hansa Rostock’s earnings crisis | NDR.de – Sports

1-0 - Hannover 96 exacerbates Hansa Rostock's earnings crisis | NDR.de - Sports

Status: 01/14/2022 10:23 p.m. Hannover 96 won the second division basement duel at FC Hansa Rostock 1-0 (0-0). Linton Maina scored the decisive goal for Lower Saxony in the 58th minute. by Hanno Bode Coach Christoph Dabrowski’s team was able to overtake Mecklenburg, who were tied on points, in the table and at least blow through a little bit in the relegation battle. However, the success against their northern rivals, who have now been without a win for six games, was a happy one. Hansa had several good chances in the first round and was clearly the better team.

Hansa trainer Haertel: “We beat ourselves”

The frustration among the Rostockers was correspondingly high. “We clearly have to win the game today. I don’t think Hannover themselves know how they won the game. We played an outstanding home game. But somehow the ball doesn’t want to go over the line,” said Hansa keeper Markus Kolke. His coach Jens Härtel was of the same opinion: “We beat ourselves today. We should have taken the lead in the first half. And we helped a lot when we conceded.” Hannover’s offensive man Cedric Teuchert freely admitted “that we were very lucky in the first half”. The 25-year-old, who returned to the “Reds” from Union Berlin, also found words of praise for his team’s improvement in performance: “We then fought our way in well.” More information Overview of results, standings and matchdays. more

Hannover with more possession but without a shot on goal

A remarkable 58 percent possession for an away team was recorded for 96 after the first period. What on paper looked like a dominant idea from Lower Saxony was in reality a fruitless art. The term “art” was inappropriate in connection with Hannover’s completely uninspired performance in terms of football in the first 45 minutes. Because the “Reds” didn’t manage more than ball attachments without any significant gain in space. In this context, a look at the statistics is permitted once again. This did not show a single shot on goal for the guests at the break. Kolke could have gone for a cup of coffee in between. The offensively tired 96ers probably wouldn’t have even noticed it.

Hansa Rostock bad luck at the end

Kolke’s opposite number Ron-Robert Zieler couldn’t complain about being busy in the first half. Haris Duljevic (9th), Pascal Breier (11th) and Lukas Fröde (16th) put the 2014 world champion through his paces. The keeper did not have to intervene in two further shots by the busy Duljevic (8th, 20th). They went wide, but the Bosnian should have made it 1-0 on his first of three free-standing chances from just a few yards. With the exception of the exploitation of chances, Härtel could be very satisfied with the performance of his eleven at half-time. The Mecklenburger showed a good performance both in the forward movement and the work against the ball.

Maina makes 96 cheer

After the change of sides, however, it was over with the Hansa glory. The hosts managed to do very little while Hannover reinvented itself. Suddenly, the Lower Saxony were looking for a way forward. Mark Diemers (51st) and Maximilian Beier (57th) had two good chances before Maina gave Lower Saxony the lead. After a big cross pass from Rostock’s Simon Rhein at the level of the middle line, the 22-year-old sprinted off and then cornered
Damian Roßbach and then gave Kolke no chance to defend himself with a shot into the top corner.

Hansa tried after conceding, but harmless

Hansa was shocked and then had a lot of trouble bringing structure to his game. The Mecklenburgers tried to put pressure on 96, but unlike in the first section, they hardly found any gaps in the Hanoverian defense. Nico Neidhart missed the best opportunity to equalize. He failed in the 68th minute from the inside right position by Zieler. It was already Rostock’s last chance in a game with two different halves. “I’m very happy, especially with the result. That’s extremely good for us in the current situation,” said Hanover coach Dabrowski, who was particularly pleased with his team’s defensive performance in the second half: “We defended extremely well there.” Matchday 19, 01/14/2022 6:30 p.m

Hansa Rostock


Hannover 96



Hansa Rostock:
Kolke – Neidhart, Roßbach, T. Meißner (80th Munsy), Rizzuto (87th Meier) – Fröde, Rhein – Breier (62nd Schumacher), Bahn (62nd Ingelsson), Duljevic (80th Fröling) – Verhoek

Hannover 96:
Zieler – Muroya (6th Dehm), Mar. Franke, Börner, Hult – Ondoua, Diemers (77th Kaiser) – Teuchert (68th Stolze), Kerk (77th S. Ernst), Maina (67th Weydandt) – Beier

More data on the game More information So far, the second division newcomer has held up well. Even at the end of the season he should be able to stand above the line. more After a weak first half of the season, the new coach Christoph Dabrowski should fix it: Relegation should be possible. more This topic in the program:

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