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World Bio-based Platform Chemicals Market - Asia-Pacific is Expected to Lead the Global Market!

The group contains molecules with different functional groups, holding the potential to be converted into various other high value chemicals. The market for platform chemicals has witnessed a tremendous growth since the past few years.
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Stringent government regulations and increasing adoption of eco-friendly products are significant factors driving the growth of the platform chemicals market. In 2015, global platform chemicals volume stood at 9,409.8 kilo tons and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1%, during the forecast period. Platform chemicals market has been segmented by type as C-3 (glycerol, 3-hydroxypropionic acid), C-4(1,4-diacids, aspartic acid, 3-hydroxybutyrolactone), C-5(Levulinic acid, glutamic acid, itaconic acid, xylitol), and C-6(Sorbitol, glucaric acid, 2,5-furan dicarboxylic acid). In 2015, C-3 platform chemicals segment held the largest share of 65%, in terms of volume. This was due to the growth in end user industries such as plastic, construction and paints & coatings. Further, the growth is fueled by the increasing production of bio-diesel as C-3 chemicals are the resultant byproduct of bio-diesel.In terms of geography, the market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia- Pacific & LAMEA. In 2015, Asia-Pacific consumed one-third of the total platform chemicals. Availability of renewable feedstock, increasing consumer awareness towards green products and political turmoil existing in major oil producing countries are key factors driving the growth of platform chemicals market in Asia-Pacific. However, LAMEA would be the fastest growing market and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.5% during 2015-2021.Competitive Intelligence on few prominent manufacturers of platform chemicals provide key insights in terms of strategies implemented to gain significant share in the platform chemicals market. The leading players in the market are adopting acquisition & innovation as key developmental strategies in order to expand their business horizons across different geographies and launch novel products in the market. Some of the leading manufacturers profiled in this report include Succinity GmbH, Bio-Amber Inc., Myriant Corporation, Novozymes, Cargill Incorporated, DSM, Metabolix Inc., GF Biochemicals, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and Prinova LLC.KEY MARKET BENEFITS:The report includes extensive analysis of the factors driving as well as restraining the global bio-based platform chemicals marketThe market projections for the period 2014-2021 have been included along with factors affecting the sameThe report also provides quantitative as well as qualitative trends to help the stakeholders in understanding the situations prevailing in the marketAn in-depth analysis of key segments of the market demonstrates stakeholders with different types of platform chemicals consumed across different industries.SWOT analysis enables study of the internal environment of leading companies for strategy formulationCompetitive intelligence highlights the business practices followed by the leading market players across various geographiesBIO-BASED PLATFORM CHEMICALS MARKET KEY SEGMENTS:By TypesC-3Glycerol3-Hydroxypropionic AcidC-4Succinic AcidFumaric AcidMalic AcidAspartic AcidC-5Levulinic AcidGlutamic AcidItaconic AcidXylitolC-6SorbitolGlucaric Acid2,5-Furan Dicarboxylic AcidBy GeographyNorth AmericaGlycerol3-hydroxy propionic acidSuccinic AcidFumeric AcidMalic AcidAspartic AcidLevulinic AcidGlutamic AcidItaconic AcidXylitolOthersEuropeGlycerol3-hydroxy propionic acidSuccinic AcidFumeric AcidMalic AcidAspartic AcidLevulinic AcidGlutamic AcidItaconic AcidXylitolOthersAsia-PacificGlycerol3-hydroxy propionic acidSuccinic AcidFumeric AcidMalic AcidAspartic AcidLevulinic AcidGlutamic AcidItaconic AcidXylitolOthersLAMEAGlycerol3-hydroxy propionic acidSuccinic AcidFumeric AcidMalic AcidAspartic AcidLevulinic AcidGlutamic AcidItaconic AcidXylitolOthers

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News Release: World Bio-based Platform Chemicals Market - Asia-Pacific is Expected to Lead the Global Market!
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