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WordRops an addictive word game with a twist available on Google Play & iTune Store

A game that not only will keep you entertained but also will also make you think hard- Wordrops is the game for children and adults alike who love to challenge their brain. Designed with cool and mesmerising graphics, Wordrops is fun, addictive and very easy to use, but don’t be fooled by its simple interface, the game will definitely challenge your brain. And with this you have a high chance of winning a prize at the end of the month for playing the game! Read on to find out how.

The game-play is extremely simple. Sign In and choose your mode of play. If you choose multiplayer you can play with the thousands of players online and defeat them in the battle of the words. If you choose single player, you can start playing immediately, however you will not be eligible for the grand prize. Yes! You heard it right! If you top the leaderboard at the end of the month, Wordrops will send you a large monetary prize. Isn’t it wonderful that unlike other apps where you have to pay to win, here is an app that will pay you when you win.
Once you enter the battle arena look around. Letters will start dropping from the top of your screen in the form of asteroids thus continuing the space theme. Hurry up! Quickly select the letters to form a legitimate word and click submit. Voila, you have your first points. Continue selecting letters and forming words. Like Scrabble, each letter has different points so, choose wisely make the most of the letters. Each level has a stipulated number of points, earn them and you will move forward. Keep an eye on the timer or you'll lose!
What makes Wordrops better than other random games is that it is not only a game, but it is also a brain gym. It features beautiful and original graphics that depict the beauty of space quite remarkably. You will also notice the highly fun and addictive background music and sound effects that keep the game-play very entertaining. The quality of animation is wonderful too and the letter-asteroids look quite striking. All of this combined gives a superioand highly entertaining experience.
Wordrops has a variety of features. The game supports three different languages so you can play Wordrops in French, English and Spanish as well. Enhance your vocabulary in all three languages while having unlimited fun. The app has many levels that won’t let you get bored at all. A intellectually superior boredom buster specially made for people who do not like wasting their time on juvenile games.
Extremely addictive, Wordrops is available for iOS as well as android. So download it now and get playing, who knows, you might be the next winner!

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