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Widows Organization

They spend their life doing prayers and bhajans of lord Krishna and find peace and moksha (salvation). From ages women being abandon after death of their husband and not allowed to remarry. They have to live separate from their families and beg for living. They live in such poor conditions and have no money or work to support their living. They devote their life and follows the path of bhakti only they maintain almost no relation with their respective families. They organized health camps for them, their they provide regular check-up facilities. They have their own ambulance and first aid primary action team. They address all urgent and emergency health care services. Give proper assistance of medicine and health care services. Abandoned widows need someone to stand for their rights and give them a fair chance to be a part of society once again. Pyarimaafoundation provides a shelter to all widows and protect their rights.

Pyarimaafoundation provide detailed counselling sessions to make them out of grief and pain. These session helps them to forget about their painful past and un-human act that happened with them. These women have grief and pain in their heart as they have seen many injustices in their life. In many cases the women were under some serious humiliation and exploitation. The foundation counsellor gives them shoulder to cry and hand to hold with it they can grow in life. They support them unconditionally mentally and physically. They fight for their right in society and treat them with great amount of care and resp ...

News Release: Widows Organization
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