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Why iPhones are Better than Android Phones?

We have seen people go crazy over the latest versions of smartphones that come loaded with top-of-the-line features based on the latest technology to enhance your entertainment experience. And we have seen the mobile industry taking a leap jump in the past decade where the advent of smartphones has completely changed the view towards technology. But today itself we can easily see the wide gap between an Android phone and an iPhone. Those who have used iOS platform feel difficult to switch to Android phones and why not, the features and technology offered in the former is way much better than the latter. Let’s check out few of the major areas where iPhones excel Android phones, thus stealing the complete show:

1. Looks

The user interface in iPhones is way better than that of Android. Also in iPhones there is no variation in the type of UI experience offered whereas Android being an open platform offers a huge scope of customization where the various smartphone manufacturers like HTC, Sony and Samsung provide their own UI over the software that most of the time snatches the comfort level of using a platform.

2. Updates

Almost all the smartphone applications offered in the market are available for both the platforms – iOS and Android. But the major difference lies here that the updates of such apps come first for iOS-operated devices whereas the Android smartphones receive the update later.

3. Performance

The speed and performance of the device is better in iPhones than the Android handsets. Android smartphones hang a lot when after 1 or 2 years of their service. If there is a good amount of data stored in the device, then the speed of Android devices gets down, which is not the case in iPhones. Even the older versions of iPhones work good without causing any trouble to the users.

4. Protection

When it comes to security and protection of your stored data and information, Apple offers a secured gateway, which is not available in Android platform. The TouchID fingerprint sensor protects your device and guard it against any unwanted intrusion of others. Similar features are now available in Android devices too but they provide much lesser protection than the iPhones.

5. Accessories

The accessories available in the market for iPhones and Android devices vary a lot in terms of quality and options available. Accessories for iPhones in developing nations like iPhone Skins in India or iPhone screen protectors offer better protection and customization options than the accessories available for Android devices.

6. Entertainment

iPhones offer better quality of sound, videos, camera and other entertainment features as compared to Android. A 13MP camera in an Android device and a 13MP iSight camera in an iPhone, both deliver different results where iPhones steal the show with their better performance.

Through the easy availability of iPhones on EMIs, the Cupertino based firm is trying to capture a huge share in the market, which currently is dominated by the Google’s Android because of its cost effectiveness and easy availability. In the developed nations, iPhones have already grabbed a huge chunk of the market share, whereas the developing countries like India are now emerging as the potential market for Apple where it has a huge hope of domination the market by making its products afforda ...

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