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Which are FIFA trusted soccer prediction sites for world cup 2018?

There is a website where you can find all trusted soccer prediction sites. It is like a shopping mall for world cup soccer betting tips. You enter into the site only to get surprised by the wide range of choice available. There are free tips and paid tips that come with guarantee of winning.

Is this a tipster website?

It is an independent platform not associated with any tipster but it belongs to the entire tipster community. It lists tipster sites and allots them ranks according to their performance. Here it is necessary to mention that the platform lists genuine tipsters only. Its objective is to connect FIFA World Cup 2018 tipsters with football enthusiasts. Punters can find free prediction mix parlay today on the site and tipsters can get serious gamblers to sell their tips.

How this platform works?

It invites tipsters to list their websites. The tipsters submit their sites for review and get listed if they pass the litmus test. The platform considers factors like work experience, strike rate and online reputation of the tipster sites to determine their reliability. The listed tipsters are allowed to market their tips on the platform.

How tipsters promote their tips?

Tippers offer free tips to attract eye-balls; they also offer guarantee of winning to gather attention of serious bettors. They are free to make any offer but the big brother that is the platform keeps a close eye on their activities. Any tipster found to be losing his trust is removed from the list of trusted tippers.

What bettors can do on the platform?

Buying tips is the first thing that bettors would want to do on the platform but they can also use it like a social media site. For example, you can follow a tipper and get all the free tips the tipster has to offer from time to time. If you want to buy prediction mix parlay today, you can pay the tipster for the tip and get it delivered to your inbox just an hour before the match starts. Also, you can inflow a tipper, if you find him unreliable.

What is the advantage of the platform for bettors?

You can get quick links to trusted soccer prediction sites on the platform. And this service will be totally free for you. You can rely on the tipsters this platform suggests. The platform has a mechanism for listing tippers and it tries listing only the most trusted tippers.

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