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Vinay Kumar Khatu Take on Prithvi Shaw - The Cricket Wonder Kid, Captain of U19 Indian Team

Prithvi Shaw may be called the emerging star of international cricket, however no one becomes a star overnight and a lot of hard work and effort of multiple people is the reason why a talented and brilliant cricketer like Shaw, rises. The guiding, supporting hand of Vinay Kumar Khatu over Shaw is what has contributed towards the success that we all saw Prithvi achieve in the ICC Under 19 World Cup 2018, in New Zealand Khatu met this brilliant boy when he was just 10-11 years old. He supported all the possible way to Prithvi which shaped his cricketing career. It started with just cricket coaching expenses and then slowly as he started achieving higher goals in the world of cricket, Khatu helped him join a special gym and also take a balanced diet of proteins and iron to keep him fit. Vinay Kumar Khatu is an extremely proud mentor to Prithvi and has a very special uncle, nephew relationship with him. They are more like friends and Khatu has promised to be his guiding star all his life.

At the first meeting itself, Khatu was pained by the difficulties Prithvi was facing. “I asked him, who he was. I came to know that his father used to bring clothes from Surat to sell in Mumbai. Prithvi’s mother died when he was four-years-old. Their financial background was pretty weak,” revealed Khatu.

Khatu decided that such an enormous talent can’t be allowed to go to waste in the want of adequate resources. “The current MLA, Mr Sanjay Potnis, gave them a small room to stay and they used to stay there, somehow making ends meet. I approached him and told him, ‘if you need any help, I will be more than happy to help’. From then on our association started to grow. I started to concentrate on his cricket expenses every month. And when he made that world record score of 546 in the Harris Shield, I knew that now the importance had to shift to his diet and health because it’s his health that is going to help him in the long run. My job is to keep him as relaxed as possible,” said Khatu.

“The focus was on a proper diet comprising protein and iron. Prithvi has a weakness for fish, mutton and chicken. So we had to counsel him to eat healthy. I came to know that Zaheer Khan has a gym called Pro Sport based on a South African concept, where especially cricketers are trained. I had him join that gym. I go there myself. We started going there together and our association started to strengthen. Our relation is like that of an uncle and nephew. I have seen Prithvi emerge into a successful cricketer, and it has been extremely heartening the way he has put in the hard yards himself, though a lot of the credit would go to his father, who despite the demise of his wife, took care of every single and smallest thing. I came into Prithvi’s life much later, but when I did, I had to focus on his fitness and diet. We gel very well. We spent many memorable moments together at my home in Alibag. Kids of his age often have numerous questions. I have always tried to give answers to his queries and make him feel relaxed. I ensured that he medita ...

News Release: Vinay Kumar Khatu Take on Prithvi Shaw - The Cricket Wonder Kid, Captain of U19 Indian Team
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