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Truths and Myths About Pimples

Pimple bursting is a family experience, painful for many. More than 90% of the entire population has suffered from skin pimples in one stage. These skin pimples can range from a benign and small, to a painful-leaving scar and inflamed-looking red hot skin. No wonder, many people turn to various grain treatments. In order to help those who have been desperately pimple popping but in vain, I would like to highlight a few truths and myths about pimples:
• Being overweight or obese may result in pimples appearing. Research has shown that high insulin levels, as found in obese patients, can lead to high levels of androgens. High levels of androgens can result in a bad case of pimples.
• Antibiotics can help. Because the pimples contain bacteria, antibiotics help reduce the burden of the pimple.
• Sweating can cause pimples. It is best to keep clean facial tissue available to wipe the sweat from your face.
• Stress may exacerbate pimples. That explains why many people develop pimples during examination periods or work projects.
• Pimple using chemicals like Oxy5 is an effective method for most people. Antibiotics may not be necessary if Oxy5 works for you.
• Fatty foods do not cause stern outbreaks. No direct link between diet and pimples has been found after years of research. At best, diet only plays a minor role in causing pimples. Therefore, you can safely eat chocolates, fatty foods or dairy products that you crave. However, overeating can result in you putting on weight that can indirectly cause pimples as explained above.
• Sexual activities can not help prevent acne. Unfortunately, numerous studies have found that sexual activity does not prevent a single grain from appearing. Instead, pimples can cause sexual dissatisfaction instead.
• Pimples are not infectious. Bacteria that live deep inside the pimples can not infect others even during the pimple burst.
• Repeated washing and cleaning will not help. Pimples are deeply seated, blocked pores that are beyond the scope of conventional cleaning methods. On the other hand, repeated scrubbing can worsen pimples due to the trauma of the skin caused.
• Having long, greasy hair does not cause pimples. However, repeated styling can traumatize your skin and result in pimples.
• Pimple bursting with sterile needles is not the best way to treat pimples. Although it is a secular method, it is known to cause scars. It may be best to leave the pimples to heal on its own.
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