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Treatments for a Best lady gynecology doctor in Chennai

Infertility treatments done and cure by the infertility specialist and to cure the form of diseases that is occurring for the both the male and female a days male person cannot get the treatments for the infertility and suffered from the similar food habits that make them more suffered and some other things make suffered the infertility treatments also like drug,smoking and alcohol are main reasons .so, the people were used to treated for the infertility and used to tested treats.

Drandal baskar fertility clinic treated for the infertility and pregnancy treatments and to give the counselling for the people who suffered in infertility treatments and other form of treatments were done and cure the form of problems that see got occured.

Dr. Andal’s Lakshmi Fertility Clinic was established on June 30th, 1989 in the heart of Nellore city by Dr. S. Bhaskar and Dr. S. Andal Bhaskar, providing first class medical care in infertility, obstetrics and gynecology. Till now we have treated more than 25,000 infertility patients. Our philosophy is to make the patient more confident and to provide ‘a Home in the Hospital’ atmosphere so that they come out of the problem.

Dr. Andal’s Lakshmi Fertility Clinic was established in 1989 and also it is one of the Best infertility center in Chennai. We started as a Gynecology practitioner, treating Antenatal, Gynaec and Infertile couple, some of the incidents in our experience have driven us to think more about the problem of infertility. It is the question posed by a patient that why she didn’t conceive inspite of all tests being normal and taking treatment for infertility for a long time was a turning point in understanding the problem of infertility from a different angle. . This made us reflect and realise that pregnancy is affected by the stress and negative attitude.

The stress and negative attitude towards the problem of infertility is due to the result of conflict between self-esteem, and social / family pressure. Because of emotional stress and low self-esteem, the couple forgets that pregnancy is the natural function of the body and look the problem of infertility as very a difficult disease and insurmountable problem and takes treatment with doubt, anxiety and disbelief. So pregnancy is elusive inspite of treatment and correction of physical factors in some cases. The solution is, if the couple takes treatment with confidence or in a relaxed way once the physical factors are corrected conception occurs easily. It has been our own experience and the experience of many practioners that after correcting physical problems conception occurs easily and surprisingly when the couple is diverted from anxiety by way of marriage, death of a relative, shifting of the house, going on vacation etc. They could conceive easily and naturally just like all other normal people because they behave normally, and are not thinking about pregnancy.

We need to understand that the baby recognizes the external world through the medium of the mother. Baby is connected to the mother through the umbilical cord which carries blood vessels. When the mother takes food, it is converted into glucose (energy). Oxygen and glucose are carried to the baby for its growth and development and the waste (carbon dioxide and biochemical wastes) are brought back from the baby to the mother through the blood vessels for purification.
Along with the blood, the mother’s emotions also pass to the baby. The mother’s emotions trigger neuro transmitters that pass through the blood and trigger the same emotions in the baby.

The mother listens to a particular song every day which she likes and enjoys. After a few days she will notice the baby moves whenever she listens to that song. Slowly the mother understands that this baby movement( during listening )is not a coincidence, but a regular definite response, indicating that the baby is also enjoying the song.

Once the mother is sure that the baby is capable of responding to a song , then she is convinced that the baby can respond to her voice. She talks to the baby by introducing herself, husband, her family members; and tells the baby how much she likes it and how everyone is eager to receive it . She wants the baby to move in response to her talks and waits for the response; she observes that the baby slowly starts responding, then the bonding begins.

Mother specifically talks about the DO’S and the DONT’S and the qualities the baby should have. By practicing this third step the ”SOUL SEEDING” is done. After delivery we have seen the babies to be exactly the same way the mother had intended in features , color and behaviour

Dr. Andal’s Lakshmi Fertility Clinic was established on June 30th, 1989 in the heart of Nellore city by Dr. S. Bhaskar and Dr. S. Andal Bhaskar, providing first class medical care in infertility and for female infertility treatment in Chennai best obstetric and gynecology. Till nowwe have treated more than 25,000 infertility patie ...

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