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This Tech Accessory Let's You Plug 10 Things In Your Laptop At Once

Liztek Charging Hub possess ten ports, speed upto five Gbps, BC 1.2 charging, it's easy to use, converts your laptop into complete working station.
Distance is becoming a bygone term, as the world is moving more and more toward a digitised era. People are living more in the wireless world where they can connect to anybody, anytime with any distance. However, wires are still perceived to be a reliable mode to connect and charging hub is one of the essential device these days.
What's A Charging Hub?
Charging Hub also known as Charging Station, is a device having multiple charging ports with a single power outlet. It's a charger allowing you to charge number of your USB enabled devices on this single platform. The charging hub also enables the you to connect multiple computer peripherals to your laptop and empowers with the features of desktop.
To provide charging, nowadays almost every gadget uses USB mode, making the charging hub an essential device and a must have. Liztek is a leading brand manufacturing an array of electronic devices and is known for its millions of happy customers all over the world. Liztek Charging Hub is a one of the most popular device in its segment and has got tremendous response in the market. It works smoothly and empowers your devices with perfect charging.
Following Are The Features Loaded In Liztek Charging Hub:-
• Ten Super Speed Ports: The USB HUB features ten super speed ports, simultaneously providing charging to ten different devices. This one charging station suffice the need of multiple chargers.
• Speed Upto 5 Gbps: All the ten ports are powered with speed of upto 5 Gbps
• BC 1.2 Charging: It's 9th and 10th ports has BC 1.2 charging giving a quick charging of 1.5 amps.
• LED Indicator: It is decked up with LED indicator for each 3.0 USB port.
• Easy To Use: It's very easy to use, simply plugin to a power outlet and enjoy a hassle free charging for multiple USB HUB and the device is compatible Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, Mac OS X and 10.2.
• Convert Your Laptop Into Complete Working Station: This station enables you to connect different computer peripherals like, keyboard, mouse, scanner, printer and many others.
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News Release: This Tech Accessory Let's You Plug 10 Things In Your Laptop At Once
Submitted on: September 12, 2017 10:55:48 AM
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