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Things For Wings

Feathered Addictions is an online site where you can get wide range of products for pet birds and all of them at very affordable rates. There are many essential available on the website like pine thinners, rope swings, bird rattle explosion etc. Birds have the habit of flying but when you have a pet; it is bound to stay in a cage. However, you use different type of swings to help it live a enjoyable and happy life. The swings are available in different size and shapes like triangle, ring, spiral etc made of rope and different type of material which gives the pet bird support to swing around happily and chirp.

The website has all the latest Parrot trends accessories which make you pet parrot more active and playful. The parrots are very sensitive by nature and it is important to take adequate care of them. The website ha wide range of breeding supplies like nests, nesting material, artificial eggs, canary nest made from both plastic and bamboo etc for breeding and rearing of your feathered pet. The nesting material helps in construction of nest that feels real and gives utmost comfort to the bird.

Like a house needs cleaning, the cage or nest of the pet also needs regular cleaning to maintain hygiene. One of the most important things for wings is poop cleanser using which you can regularly clean their poop off the cage and keep the cage tidy. The poop cleaner, spray or wipe off is an easy and essential product which helps in efficiently cleaning the mess. The cage at times is hounded by insects but with safe insect spray, the bird can be protected from insect manifestation.

Perches are absolute favorite and must buy for your little feathery friend to give them the most natural feeling. When it comes to feeing the birds, there are custom feeders and dishes where you can put the food supply. The website have wide range of dishes, plastic feeders with hooks, cups, stainless steel coop cup etc where you can serve food to them. The food for birds is also available on the website which can be ordered with one click and will be delivered to your doorstep. There are many other accessories like sleeping accessories, plastic Klik Klak, ladders etc that can be added to spacious cages to boost their playfulness and keep your feathery friend chirping with ...

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