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Music streaming has toppled the old ways of promoting and making money from your music which included selling Cd's on the streets.Things have come a long way from such promotional methods all thanks to the internet. , a streaming promotion company owned and operated by popular music promotion company , supplies its musician clients with real and premium streams from valid and active paid accounts on Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music and more! allows serious musicians to make a living from their music via streaming platforms.

The company promises only the highest quality of streams to each of the music platforms that your music has been distributed to, offering a month to month promotion campaign that allows musicians to focus on their music careers while The302digital focuses on making sure the artists receive royalties for their music. In short, The302digital ensures musicians earn income online from their music.

The302 Digital has a lot of celebritie clients who would much rather their identities be kept private, unlike Mike Smith, producer of a BET aired show "one shot" who has been in business with the company for over 8 months.

“There is no better place to get music promotion whether it be from or which focuses on building a monthly income for our clients” says Eric Fisher who is an employee of Promozombies LLC.

Celebrities and up and coming artists looking to make money through the process of streaming should head over to website and join artists that are already enjoying what the company has to offer.

For more Information or to contact the 302 digital team log into their website at

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Company Name: Promozombies LLC

Contact Person: Eric Fisher

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City: Beverly Hills

State: California

Country: United States

Website: www.promozombies ...

News Release: is the first company to Boost Streaming Royalties with REAL streams from real people!
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