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The UK ribbon manufacturing industry is growing forcefully

They deal with a vast range of clients including specialist cake producers and several national and multi-national fashion companies. They supply different kinds of ribbons including printed ribbon and plain ribbon for product embellishment and labelling of garment.

With such vast experience, the company is expert in handling complex projects. During the time of worst financial crisis, Colour Ribbon was developing and flourishing. The sales director at Colour Ribbon considers that decorative packaging has everyday appeal no matter the economic times. While people might sacrifice the annual holiday or a new car, they will stay in with a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. And every box of chocolate or bottle of wine cannot be offered without a tulle ribbon bow.

Reaching the masses
Colour Ribbon, with their dedication and hard work, have reached a global audience. Their revenues raised exponentially lately. The company admits that their expansion was not at all a business strategy to increase the revenues rather it was a need-based expansion. People from all over the word were asking for their products. From 2007 the company has a new base in Switzerland, at the Bandfabrik Breitenbach. This new base offers them the possibility to provide their products to clients from all over Europe.

Success Rate of Colour Ribbons Fabrics in the Recent Years
Today the Colour Ribbons comprises their main head offices in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. They state that they have taken into consideration the possibility to acquire new customer bases in the future.

They hire only experts because they want to make sure that they are able to develop product that will offer them the possibility to meet their clients’ requirements. With the help of their expertise, product is formed from the scratch, as we can see when checking the collection of Christmas tree hanging decorations. The company’s expertise is depicted in their products. With their vast experience in the field, the company is now able to make items from raw fibres. Then the finished product is sent for being customised. Colour Ribbons also has a vast variety of printing techniques in case the clients want to personalise their products. They offer tinsel UK, satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, lurex ribbon, sheer ribbon and many other similar types of products.

Colour Ribbons invests in their business regularly, because they have to keep up with the latest changes on the market, and they have to improve the quality of their services and products if they want to have satisfied clients. The company has seen an exponential growth in terms of generating revenues. Their sheer dedication is leading them towards prosperity day by day. They know that they have to make bold decisions if they want to gain new customers, so they add products as Christmas bags to their stock, to broaden people’s choices.

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News Release: The UK ribbon manufacturing industry is growing forcefully
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