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The Top News Portal of the Nigeria in Africa

The Agenda is the one of the top online newspaper of the Nigeria. The Nigeria is located at the west side of the Africa. The agenda covers all the parts of the Nigeria and the regions connected to the Nigeria. It is the worldwide news portal, mainly focuses on the Nigeria and Africa. You can get the latest and best news related to the Politics, Business, Sports, Entertainment & Life Style, Features, informed Analysis and Opinions on the Agenda newspaper.

The daily updated news and the current affairs are available on the news portal of the agenda. The daily incidents and the daily happenings are provided on the Agenda. The political reforms and the political updates are available here on the Agenda. The news related to each activity, events, changes and incidents in the politics of the Nigeria can be found on the Agenda. The news portal has a separate slot for the political and related news. It is available on the page as well as the category of the politics section of the Politics news Nigeria, Africa in the Agenda newspaper.

The news related to the education is also here on the online news channel of the agenda. It is available separately on the news portal as the Agenda. All the latest news about the admission, Education Scholarship Nigeria, and the other education related news are always here on the news portal.

The latest and the breaking news like Nigeria Corruption News are available at a very first on this news portal. The ongoing Incidents are always here on the website of the Agenda. You can check out all types of the ongoing situations of the Nigeria on this news portal. The best part of the cover story is that you can access this news portal at anywhere. The basic need is an internet connection and the electronic device. The internet is mostly available here and most of us have mobile phones in our pockets.

The fashion and lifestyle of the people is changing with time and it is necessary to be connected with the updated fashion and the lifestyle. The news related to the lifestyle, glamour and the entertainment are also available in the news portal in the different slots. You can get the updated news of the glamour, lifestyle, entertainment and film industry related news on the news portal also. Apart of all this there is a separate from business related news. The ups and downs in the business and the share market are shown very first on the Agenda. The economic behavior of markets with respect to the Stock market is available here in the news portal also. For any other information you can just contact with the contacts information below:


The Agenda Online News Portal
Phone: +234 805 713 7672
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