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The Sandbox Offers Online Ordering

The Sandbox is pleased to announce they offer an online ordering option that is fast and easy to use. This online ordering system is routed through the Eat24Hrs website.

Customers can order popular pizzas like the Comer Combo or the Buttermilk Bliss. If customers are not in the mood for a pizza, other Sandbox favorites like Holy Skewered Searing Meatballs and Rounder Grinder Subs are available. The Eat24Hrs system is easy to use and can be accessed via cellphone. When ordering, a customer can choose to pay online with a credit card or PayPal or pay the delivery person cash when they arrive.

With their online order system, The Sandbox makes it easy for their customers to get the food they want without having to leave the comfort of their homes or even make a phone call. This feature is the ideal way to get delectable cuisine delivered to a person’s front door with ease. With the Eat24Hrs system, the great food The Sandbox is known for is just a few clicks away.

The Sandbox is located at the corner of Grand and Cass in San Diego, CA. The restaurant offers live music, trivia nights and large televisions to watch NFL games. They also run a number of nightly specials and have some of the best pizza in town.

For more information on, their delicious food and the online ordering they offer, visit their website or call them at 858-272-7263.

About The Sandbox: Billed as a neighborhood Pacific Beach hangout, The Sandbox is one of San Diego’s hottest restaurants. They have great pizza and a number of signature dishes sure to satisfy even the pickiest palate. Visiting this establishment will allow a person to enjoy delicious food, drinks and a wonderful atmosphere.

Company: The Sandbox
Address: 1014 Grand Avenue
City: San Diego
State: CA
Zip code: 92109
Phone number: 858-272- ...

News Release: The Sandbox Offers Online Ordering
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