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The process of the customized shoes

Even in the shoe-making kingdom Europe, royal, wealthy socialite will custom handmade shoes as a symbol of honor. But do you know the process of the customized shoes?
1.Measuring feet: the unique nature of professional custom shoes is that each pair of shoes is based solely on the customer's, feet size produced. This requires the production of shoes before the customer's feet accurate measure. These data is an important basis for making personal shoe last.
2.Shoes design: designer according to customer custom requirements, design shoes style sketches. By repeatedly modification of the sketch, eventually draw three-dimensional effect of shoes in the shoe last, including the styles of each detail section. The design scheme of three-dimensional effect is an important basis for cutting leather.
3.Tanning: tanning processing is the processing of leather materials. A piece of high quality leather after degreasing, tanning, polishing, coloring, pressing process lines, polishing and other complex, eventually being processed into a variety of wind the finished product of the grid becomes the corresponding shoe material.
4.Cut leather: according to the design style, leather cutting technicians will be transformed into the pattern and use the pattern of leather cutting. The choice of leather parts when cutting leather is very elegant, high-grade handmade shoes in particular need to be strictly screening materials, every inch of leather must be guaranteed products quality.
5.Shoes lining: after shoes lining is finished, need to be in vamp configuration inside layer. The inner layer is used to pass through the special tanning leather. So, in order to ensure the customer wearing comfortable foot.
6.Equipped with shoe's middle sole: shoe's middle sole is an important design of technology. The purpose is to make the soles of the shoes more stable structure.
7.Vamp setting: sewed shaping good vamp installed in the bottom of the shoe last.
8.Sewing welt, after sewing welt, need to add functionality in the filling layer on the bottom of shoes. Then sewing shoes outsole.
9.Trimming and polishing shoes: The late stage of shoe making is to make the final inspection and repair of the whole details. Vamp need to do some antique effect, soles need to be polished, of course, installed on behalf of identity of nameplate.
That’s how we onlymaker custom your shoes’ process, with lower price and greater qualities meet your requirements.
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News Release: The process of the customized shoes
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