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The Pregnancy Lab publishes about the ‘signs of pregnancy’ at different stages

13 September 2017, Spain: The Pregnancy Lab, over the last 3 years, has been providing with much interesting news, information and more regarding pregnancy. Recently, they have published some more facts and information concerning signs of pregnancy. This publish was based upon the several queries and request they have received regarding ‘how to know if you are pregnant before visiting the doctor?’

Experts of this online forum have done a thorough research on symptoms of gestation and revealed that there are four categories. The health manager of The Pregnancy Lab stated –

“Signs of gestation are visible as soon as the ovulation period starts. This period is counted as the first two weeks of pregnancy, and from then only, the symptoms become visible. So, in every week after ovulation, there are some hormonal changes which have a clear effect on the body functioning.”

According to The Pregnancy Lab, these four categories include early stage of being pregnant, first signs of pregnancy, early symptoms of pregnancy and pregnancy symptoms before missing periods. These stages were confirmed after running a research on a group of women who were trying to conceive.

Around 60% to 90% of women have collectively depicted similar symptoms. Early signs of being pregnant include sleepiness because right after ovulation, the progesterone level increases inside the mother’s body. Other indicators are morning sickness, extreme emotional mood swings and unusual emotional feeling.

Many readers and followers of The Pregnancy Lab mentioned about the help they received from these publishes. As per ‘viewer graph’ of their site, it went up by 15% after they posted about the early signs. It is then the heads of the forum decided to publish about the rest.

Other clear signs that The Pregnancy Lab has mentioned include pregnancy symptoms before missing periods where there is vaginal bleeding. It is certainly not like menstrual bleeding, but the flow is much less and lasts for a short period. Experts from this forum also confirmed, this happens as the egg attaches to uterus. All these information proved to be very useful for women who were wondering about their pregnancy.

The first signsinclude nausea, vomiting tendency, slow digestion, constipation, heartburn, fatigue and more. With time as the fetus grows, the signs turn more prominent.

As per statistics, experts feel that these new details will increase viewers and subscribers by at least 35%. This seems to be a great start for The Pregnancy Lab.

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News Release: The Pregnancy Lab publishes about the ‘signs of pregnancy’ at different stages
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