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The Newest Development On Proteomics Services In Creative Proteomics

Considering the significant position of proteomics service in biological fields, scientists believe that to develop new services and update them continuously are indeed necessary for a biotech company to achieve its enterprise's goal.

Determination of amino acid composition

As one of the most important aspects to study protein structure, amino acid composition is often used to describe protein sequences and design predictive algorithms, including the tendency of proteins to crystallize, the protein structural class, membrane proteins or protein contact numbers. According to many studies, amino acid composition is depending on the protein dimension. In Creative Proteomics, the amino acid analysis methods now have been updated by using HPLC, automatic amino acid analyzer and LC-MS/MS, which can help you achieve your goals.

Itraq proteomics As a novel and widely-accepted approach, itraq technology is popular in relative quantification of proteins field. In Creative Proteomics, the itraq method is processed on the covalent labeling of the N-terminus and side chain amines of peptides from protein digestion with tags of varying mass. Customers can enjoy two mainly used reagents, including 8-plex and 4-plex, which are reliable in labeling all peptides from different samples/treatments.

Silac proteomics Traditionally, quantitative proteomics has been performed by 2D-gel electrophoresis, but mass spectrometric method based stable isotope quantitation have shown great potential for automated and simultaneous identification and quantitation of complex protein mixtures. The representative of this method is SILAC (stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture). In Creative Proteomics, scientists can help you study cell signaling, as well as post translation modification with the help of this SILAC technology. Recently, it can be applied in distinguishing between proteins secreted by cells in culture and serum contaminants, which is now updated by scientists in Creative Proteomics recently.

“To update these services is really necessary to develop our company influence among biotech fields.” said Dr. Hoffman, senior scientist in Creative Proteomis.

Adhering to offer high-quality and high-speed services and products, Creative Proteomics has enjoyed a good fame among customers and biotech companies. It is believed that it will gain more based on its business philoso ...

News Release: The Newest Development On Proteomics Services In Creative Proteomics
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